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We will simplify employee absence management in your business

e-days is industry-leading absence management software with staff holiday planner and sickness tracker functionality. We make absence and leave tracking easy for businesses of all sizes around the world.

Employees, managers and admins all have access to the same easy to use online solution. This allows them to view leave entitlement and better manage staff absence online through a shared group calendar.

Book and approve absences at the click of a button, as well as track unplanned leave and plan resource better. e-days will integrate seamlessly with your current HR system if necessary.

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Why absence management is important for your business

Our cloud-based platform helps businesses manage planned and unplanned employee absence. This includes logging and recording absence requests.

Your business is then able to see the impact employee leave has on workplace productivity and employee wellbeing. Better insight into attendance related issues will help you implement positive changes that will boost efficiency and employee satisfaction.

What’s more, e-days is fully customisable when it comes to the type of absence your employees need to log. Some organisations have really specific absence types that are unique to them such as working from home, remote working or training days. No matter how different or number of absence types you have, e-days will accommodate them.

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We’re helping businesses like yours

“e-days has helped us to streamline and effectively monitor absence within the company. The support team are very helpful and quick to respond – to date we have been very impressed.” – Head of Compensation & Benefits EMEA, Sony Pictures Entertainment

We will save you time

e-days brings you the gift of time. Our clients have reduced up to 28 days of admin per year using e-days.

Our staff holiday booking system brings more openness to your absence processes. This was not possible due to restrictive paper and spreadsheets only visible to management.

With e-days, employees are able to access their entitlement in real time. This will reduce the amount of “how much time*off do I have left?” emails to zero.

Our absence management solution is accessible on any device, in any country in the world with internet connection.

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We will save you money

When it comes to scoping out new technology for your business, the main aim is to deliver cost savings for your existing HR processes.

Our leave planner saves businesses both time and money. Think about how long a request for leave takes you to process from start to finish. 10 minutes? e-days will cut that time down to just seconds, with a request sent and approval granted in just a couple of clicks.

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We will integrate with your existing HR system

We understand that many businesses will already have an existing HR system in place. The problem is these systems don’t always focus on absence tracking and planning.

As specialists with over 10 years of expertise, we make it easy to integrate into or work with your existing HR system.

We integrate with ADP, SAP, Workday and many more. This creates a complete HR solution for your business.

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Increased productivity with a centralised absence tracker

Processing requests and absence reporting takes up a lot of time for HR teams and line managers.

e-days will cut the time taken to do those jobs down to seconds and minutes, rather than hours and days.

Our reports are easy to create and scheduled to run monthly. So managers only have to create them once and e-days will run them when required.

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Increased GDPR Compliance & Accountability

No business wants to be locked in disputes with employees over long term sickness absence. But we know that it can happen.

When using paper and spreadsheets, the margin for error with lost data or documents is high. This can lead to legal loopholes exploited in employment disputes.

e-days ensures employees and employers are accountable with no margin for error. All employee data is secure on our cloud based software. This allows you build a robust absence policy for your business.

ISO 27001 Accreditation

Increased employee satisfaction & wellbeing

Having a cloud-based platform that allows employees to access and request leave at any time can increase employee satisfaction.

Imagine your employees able to put in a holiday request and line managers approve it in seconds. No emails, no fuss.

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