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    Work smarter with edays absence management software

    With one configurable system, our absence management software reduces admin through automated processes, helps you gain actionable people insights, and empowers you to leave the spreadsheets behind.

    Over 1,400 companies across 120 countries, in 25 languages, trust edays global absence management software.

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    See how edays can transform your HR operation today

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    See why edays is the best value & most recommended absence management software...

    Best absence management software
    global absence management
    Global Entitlement Management

    Complex, global leave compliance made simple. Every country and region has different rules around sickness and holiday entitlement. Time is precious, so you need a solution that does all of this seamlessly & automatically.

    edays integrations
    Integrates With Your HR System

    Our platform sits alongside and works with many HR Systems as a specialist software which elevates absence visibility. Providing the tool you need to better manage absence & leave.

    Absence and Leave Reporting

    Automated reporting means HR teams automatically receive weekly absence and leave reports that, combined with our enhanced reporting, offer powerful, accurate insights to identify problems and reduce absenteeism.

    Customisable absence reporting
    Customisable Sickness Journey

    Complete visibility of sickness - logging, monitoring, triggers, and alerts that manage sickness entitlement for teams and individuals. Get clear oversight of who is sick and when, and have complete customisability over their journey.

    holiday booking
    Manager Dashboard & Calendars

    HR teams and managers will have access to concise reporting tools to track and report on holidays with custom dashboards and absence trigger alerts.

    absence management app
    Mobile App

    Easy booking of leave - no matter when and where you are. The brand new mobile app experience makes it easy to create positive, simple and intuitive requests with just a tap.

    annual leave software

    Understand how, when, and why your people take absence and leave

    Insightful data from edays gives you the visibility you need of your workforce – no matter their location. Through these insights, edays encourages progressive management that can drive employee loyalty whilst reducing sickness and absenteeism.

    In fact, edays customers have a 50% lower than national (UK) average sickness rate.

    holiday and leave software

    Shared holiday calendars for your teams

    Our safe and secure cloud-based system will allow your employees to log holiday and absence in seconds while giving managers full visibility of their team.

    edays also integrates seamlessly with Outlook & Gmail calendars, creating a seamless experience between your existing software.

    advanced absence management software

    Automated reporting, absence triggers and alerts

    Equip your organisation with absence intelligence to proactively plan and manage your resources.

    HR teams and managers will have access to concise reporting tools to track and report on holidays with custom dashboards and absence trigger alerts.

    Indeed, some edays customers have seen admin time reduced by as much as 83% in their Human Resource teams.

    manage paid time off

    Managing absence and leave across the world

    For organisations with multiple locations across the globe, managing absence and leave according to the varying rules and regulations that exist in different regions and countries is a challenge. That’s where edays helps – giving you the tools you need to become fully compliant both locally and globally.

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    Discover the world’s leading absence and leave management software. Learn more about our services, features and solutions for your organisation.

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    Reducing holiday booking time by over 300% for Monster Energy

    We find the edays absence system excellent and very user-friendly. I’m the master user in the HR team and have found it to be a great system.

    The help desk at edays is also excellent and always reply with accurate help straight away. Whenever I meet other HR professionals I always recommend using this if they want an effective holiday tracker system.

    Mark Brown, VP at Monster Energy

    Absence management software questions


    absence management system
    Who is edays absence management?
    edays absence management provides a purpose-built system to manage all your absence, sickness and leave types. edays makes managing sickness absence much easier and gives you the ability to be proactive in the support you give to your people. Our holiday booking system makes requesting and approving annual leave, and other types of leave, simple and easy. With edays, you can not only plan your resources better, you can use data to drive decisions that make for a better and a more productive workforce.
    What is absence management?
    Absence management is the process of recording and tracking all employee absences within an organisation. Absence management includes tracking sickness absences from work - everything from who should be informed if an employee is ill, the reason for their absence, how long they need to take off from work, and how all of this information is recorded.

    Good absence management practices mean that employees feel supported, resources can be carefully planned around absences, and any issues within teams can be addressed accordingly.
    What is leave management?
    Leave management is the process of managing all types of employee leave within an organisation. This is includes annual leave, or holiday entitlement, whereby employees are entitled to take a certain number of days off per year. In the UK, almost all employees are legally entitled to statutory leave which is 5.6 weeks paid holiday per year. This varies in other countries.

    In addition to statutory leave, organisations may also choose to offer additional holiday entitlement to employees.

    Leave management also refers to managing other types of leave that employees are legally entitled to, which includes maternity leave, paternity leave, and other types of leave.

    What size and types of businesses do you service?
    edays software can be used by all sizes and types of organisation, from SME to enterprise companies, wherever you are located in the world. If your business has a mix of office and non-office based workers, part-time and full-time employees, or operates from multiple locations, we can help. Our absence management software provides one centralised system for tracking all types of leave and absence.
    Do you have an app?
    Yes! Our Mobile App lets you access edays from your phone or tablet anywhere, any time. Employees can request leave on the go with our app. Managers will receive a notification and they can log in and approve the request in just a few taps. Sickness absences can also be logged quickly, without the need to log in to your desktop.
    What support do you offer?
    We have a modern support portal with integrated knowledge base. If you are unable to find what you need, then the support desk can help you get through the issues. Whether it is just using the ticketing system or it needs a video call, our team is ready to help.

    For less urgent issues, perhaps you need some help with additional licenses, or would like some more information on a new feature, then the Customer Success Team is there to help. For customers with more than 200 licenses, you will have a dedicated Customer Success Manager, while those with fewer than 200 licences will benefit from our Tech-Touch Customer Success programme.

    If you need more training, or perhaps you are expanding into new countries or regions, then our Professional Services team are always on hand to provide expert help.
    How secure is edays?
    The security of our customer's data is our top priority. We are ISO 27001 certified and data is stored on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. All data is encrypted at all times, both at rest and in transit using the most modern encryption standard and algorithms. For more information, head over to our Security Section.
    How does your pricing work?
    Our best-in-class solution is built from the ground up based on your requirements as an organisation. From the number of employees you have to the number of countries you operate in, every business is different. That's why we take the time to truly listen to your absence challenges to provide a tailored price based on your needs, with no additional or hidden charges. Find out more information via our pricing page.
    Are there any optional features?
    We have many optional features which are frequently being added to, for example:

    • Employee directory
    • Document store
    • Time submission
    • Mobile app
    • People Insights

    Talk to your sales advisor or partner to see which may be right for you.