We all need a break.

Provide a smoother user experience for your people and help them work smarter, happier, and healthier, including supporting them with healthcare assistance programmes.

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Providing better absence experience to global brands

Being there for those moments that matter

Far too often, staff taking time off is seen as ‘bad’, a hassle or a business cost and something to minimise. But what if we challenge this way of thinking and believed that time off actually helps to better engage employeesbetter care for their wellbeing, and support them through the moments that matter in their lives.

That’s where the absence experience comes inGetting access to time off shouldn’t be hard. Businesses should be able to encourage their staff to rest, reduce burnout, and provide the right tools at the right time.

Absence experience
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Book leave whenever, wherever

e-days is available on any device allowing staff to book any type of leave easily, whenever and wherever they may be.

Manager and teammates know who’s off

iCal integration means holidays and sickness can automatically be added to calendars such as Outlook or Gmail. A defined simple return to work process prompts conversations to ensure employees not returning to work still feeling unwell.

Easy self-service booking of holiday
E-days on different devices

Self-service admin

Allows employees to easily check their time off entitlement, total holidays, and trade holidays. They can access policies, employee handbooks, and other business-related documents in just a few clicks from within the system, regardless of how progressive your absence policies are.

Smooth transition between systems

Not only does e-days give your staff a great UX that mirrors tech experiences in their personal lives, but our single sign-on feature also allows users to log in to multiple platforms using one set of login credentials.

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Provide support, to everyone, at any time

e-days integrates with Employee Assistance Programmes to provide holistic support for staff. Give your business the perfect platform to champion employee wellbeing.

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Health advice at your fingertips

Employees can look up any health symptoms they have via direct access to official NHS advice. A wellness advice area offers employees guidance on how to maintain a healthy weight, quit smoking, get exercise advice, and more. Furthermore, system alerts will flag when an employee is taking several instances of sick leave to alert that they might need additional support from the business.

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Nhs choices
Virtual gp

Access to a virtual GP, anytime

Integrates with virtual GP services to allows employees to book and attend appointments anytime, anywhere, and order prescriptions straight to their home, workplace, or local pharmacy. Referrals to see specialists or therapists can also be handled through the system.

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