Do great things with data and intelligence.

Take a smarter approach to absence with real-time alerts and more accurate reporting. Harness absence data and insights to improve retention, understand absence and improve productivity.

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Providing improved absence intelligence to global brands

Businesses deliver results through data

Talent alone is not enough, you have to really understand your people, your teams, and your absence.  Your absence data will tell you so much about the impact your people are having on your business. The aim is to understand it and use as much data as you can to inform business decisions.

Absence intelligence
E-days sickness tracking system

Provide support, quicker

Real-time absence alerts and triggers ensure that line managers and HR professionals are notified of instances of absence immediately after they are logged, allowing them to offer employees the support they need, quicker.

Create reports relevant to you

Create bespoke absence reporting by individual, team, or location quickly and easily. Run bespoke reports on both overtime and TOIL which can be used in conjunction with payroll, allowing them to see extra hours worked by employees and make additional monthly payments.

E-days graphical reporting dashboard
E-days sickness tracking software

Spot patterns and trends

Real-time alerts for individuals with frequent instances of absence or that display specific patterns. Bradford Factor scoring available to alert line managers to when absences within their team are occurring more frequently. Spot trends before they become problematic and flag when an employee is taking several instances of sick leave – they may need your help.

Keep your teams as safe as possible

Log and track sickness absence reasons detrimental to employee wellbeing and trigger alerts for Covid-19 cases to help your team stay safe and productive.

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Understand your absenteeism

Combine accurate sickness data with powerful absence insights to easily identify problems caused by absenteeism and spot opportunities to reduce the cost of absence. Increase visibility and understand absenteeism with innovative analytics, alerts, and trends.

Minimum staffing levels and booking limits

With the increase in remote working, employees tend to take fewer breaks and push themselves harder. Combining minimum staffing levels with the seasonal targets will ensure employees take leave regularly to avoid risks of burnout.

E-days graphical reporting dashboard
E-days document storage admin panel on a laptop with graphic padlock

Centralised document storage

Store all forms and attachments in one auditable, central location for each employee so that you have a rounded view of each employee’s full sickness absence record.

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Reveal the truth in absence, and take action with confidence.

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