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    Absence and leave management, made


    With one smart solution, seamlessly manage absence and different types of leave within your organisation, as well as time submission, overtime and TOIL.

    absence management software

    Transforming absence for businesses worldwide.

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    manage paid time off

    Complete management of your team's absence, leave and more

    edays absence and leave management solution enables your organisation to leave the spreadsheets behind and gain complete visibility over who’s on leave and who’s off sick.


    Easily approve holiday requests and other types of leave with a simple click, and set triggers to ensure that your team has adequate cover while others are away. Employees can also utilise our time submission and working locations features, so managers can see exactly who is working, when and from where.

    absence analytics

    Discover the power of people data

    Our smart reporting function allows you to gather your own insights on an individual, team, department or company-wide level, so you can identify any patterns, trends or behaviours within your business to plan resources and act accordingly.


    If you’re looking to understand absence rates, absenteeism or leave patterns within your organisation, edays provides powerful people data so you can see how your teams work, offer employee support and stay on top of leave entitlement, overtime, carryover and so much more.

    How does edays help managers across the world?

    Customisable absence reporting
    Reduce admin

    Remove the pains of error-prone paper and spreadsheets-based systems and save time by automating the management of global annual leave requests.

    global absence management
    Simplify global complexity

    One global solution that works in all countries regardless of local employment laws providing complete transparency of absence across your organisation.

    Easily approve holidays

    Full visibility of the team’s planned absence calendar in one place, helping managers approve or reject absence in a single click.

    Customise to your needs

    Set different annual leave policies for individuals, teams, offices, or countries to reflect variations in holiday years, consecutive day rules, or minimum staffing levels.

    Set your rules, your way

    Automatically adjust annual leave allowances due to TOIL or long service agreements to suit your business. Globally, edays displays remaining holiday balances on individual user dashboards.

    Full self-service for employees

    Our paid time-off software allows employees to check their annual leave entitlement, total holidays used and days remaining, without having to rely on their line manager or HR team.

    Securely store documents

    Our easy-to-use online portal allows you to securely upload and categorise all your important HR documents in just a few clicks.

    holiday booking
    See the big picture

    Group calendar gives managers visibility of where their team is and whether team members are sick, on holiday, or out of the 'physical or remote' office.

    Discover more about the global capability of edays

    With edays, our company can now easily and effectively manage planned and unplanned absences along with other leave. It’s been working great for us.

    We have received such a good reaction to the upgrade, all of our employees have really engaged with the new platform and have taken the time to explore the new version since launching it in June 2020. Employees have found it easy to navigate themselves around the new version and to ensure they’re using it to its full potential.

    Laura Smile, Human Resource Manager – Cordek

    We find the edays system excellent and very user-friendly. I’m the master user in the HR team and have found it to be a great system. The help desk at edays is also excellent and always reply with accurate help straight away. Whenever I meet other HR professionals I always recommend edays if they want an effective holiday tracker system.

    Ben Efford (MCIPD), HR Business Partner – Monster Energy