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    All Features

    Everything you need to know about edays

    Explore everything that makes edays the world’s smartest absence management solution. From reporting, through to overtime tracking and calendar integrations, edays is the complete absence solution for your business.

    Reporting & intelligence

    absence manager dashboards
    Reports dashboards

    Provides managers with a graphical overview of absence trends, sickness rates, cost of absence, % time lost, Bradford Factor scores, and more.

    User reports

    Generate instant reports on staff working patterns, entitlement records, and Bradford Factor scores across locations, teams, and departments.

    Absence type reports

    Run reports on specific absence types to better understand the cause and impact of absenteeism across your organisation.

    Entitlement reports

    Provides managers with a detailed breakdown of used, taken, and remaining holiday allowance across teams and departments.

    Scheduled reports

    Schedule any system report to run on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis and subscribe to receive exported reports via email.

    Data export

    All absence reports can easily be exported into CSV format for use in Microsoft Excel or to feed into payroll and other HR systems.

    FCA holiday compliance

    Entitlement reports can be used to ensure employees take 10 days of consecutive leave according to FCA guidelines.

    Manager records

    We can create custom reports that extract any data needed for your specific requirements.

    Simple setup & integration

    absence management security
    Remote set-up

    As a web-based system, there is nothing to download or install, meaning Edays can be set up remotely, typically within 7-10 working days.

    Data upload

    We set up your system so it’s ready to go out of the box, uploaded with your staff data, and configured according to your current working practices.

    Administrator training

    Upon set-up, we provide personal online training to your system administrators via Microsoft Teams.

    User licenses

    Access to edays is delivered on a per-user basis, providing the flexibility to scale the system to meet your exact requirements.

    Personal login

    Individual user logins provide secure access from any internet-enabled device, ensuring absence data remains private and secure.

    Single sign-on (SSO)

    edays can be configured to work using your company network login, allowing staff to access edays when they sign in from their device.

    System integration

    edays can be integrated to work seamlessly with HRIS, time & attendance, ERP, and payroll systems such as PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle, and more.

    Calendar integration

    iCal feeds allow you to sync edays calendars with any web-based calendars such as Outlook, Google Mail, etc.

    Sickness management

    sickness management
    Sickness recording

    Instances of sickness absence can be logged by managers, HR teams, or other such personnel.

    Individual records

    Absence records provide a historically accurate record of all unplanned absences against user profiles.

    Bradford Factor tracking

    Automated Bradford Factor scoring tracks staff absence and alerts managers when trigger points are exceeded.

    Self-certified medical forms

    Integrated medical forms allow employees to document sickness absence, providing a time-stamped record against user records.

    Return to work forms

    Online return to work forms allows managers to document sickness instances, improving the efficiency of the return to work process.

    Automated alerts

    Set up email notifications to alert HR when specific unplanned absence types are recorded and approved by line managers.

    Open-ended absences

    Log sickness instances as ‘open-ended’ absence and set manager alerts if absence exceeds a specified duration.

    Custom absence types

    Online booking forms

    Custom online forms to capture request details for holidays, maternity leave, medical appointments and more.


    Allow employees and/or managers to record Overtime and track this against individual user records. Set up manager authorisation if required.

    Custom absence types

    Create your own absence types and define how it appears on shared calendars and who can use each type.

    Absence clash alerts

    Absence clash alerts can be used to prevent simultaneous bookings across teams if requests breach self-defined minimum staffing level rules.

    Days or hours

    edays provide the flexibility to book time off in hours or days, allowing you to manage staff holiday bookings across different working patterns.

    Carryover & accruals

    Automatic carryover facility, with the ability to limit maximum days allowed, track holiday leave and pro-rate entitlement balances across different calendar years and rota patterns.

    Bradford Factor scoring

    edays calculates and tracks Bradford Factor scores for all staff and populates sickness alerts on manager dashboards with the highest scores.

    Time off in Lieu (TOIL)

    Record TOIL earned and used against individual user records and edays displays the remaining balance on user dashboards. If not required, this feature can easily be disabled.

    User dashboards

    absence collaboration
    Self-service access

    User dashboards are accessible 24/7 from any PC, mobile or tablet device via a personal password-protected login.

    Bradford Factor tracker

    Bradford Factor scores can be displayed graphically on each dashboard if required, providing staff with a clear understanding of the organization’s pre-set trigger point.

    Entitlement record

    Dashboards display entitlement balances for each staff with the option to track flex leave bought and sold and any holiday accrued.

    Calendar displays

    Dashboards provide staff with an accurate snapshot of absence activity over a 3-year period.

    Personal data

    User dashboards allow you to store basic HR data such as phone numbers, home addresses, and emergency contact details for each employee.

    Overtime & TOIL

    Dashboards provide a snapshot of overtime and TOIL records, broken down by used, earned, and remaining entitlement.

    Manage alerts

    edays alerts managers of sickness absence, upcoming holiday absence, and outstanding requests across their team.

    Manager records

    Managers have full access to staff records for all employees who report to them.

    People Insights

    People Insights
    Interactive visuals

    Display and explore your people data in interactive charts and graphs, making it easier to access, interpret and present large volumes of information, without the need to wade through lots of raw data.

    Custom filters

    No two sets of people data are the same and so we provide the flexibility to customise your dashboards as you see fit. Implement custom filters to dig deeper into your data and find the information you need.

    Stats widgets

    The roles of HR, Finance and Operations professionals are extensive, and we know that those delving into people data may not have time to jump into the full data set every time. Our widgets pull out key stats so you can access important information in a quick, digestible way

    Comparison tools

    Take a deep dive into your reporting with our user-friendly comparison tools. With the ability to break down large sets of data, we make it easier to identify trends and patterns, and spot possible issues before they even occur.

    Q&A type box

    For those times you're looking for a specific piece of data and don't want to filter through the full set to find it, just use our free type Q&A box. Ask plain language to get quick, automated answers to your questions.

    Automated calculations

    Cut the manual process and complex calculations with pre-built metrics. People Insights helps you to save time and simplify your data management and reporting, with automated calculations of absence rates, remaining entitlements and sickness leave.

    Holiday management

    leave and holiday calendars
    Online booking

    Online forms allow employees to request time instantly, automatically alerting managers for authorization. Simply input request details and click submit.

    Email authorisation

    Automated email alerts, notify managers every time requests are made, providing details of the request and a one-click authorization process direct from an email.

    Request status

    User dashboards provide employees with a summary of all authorized, rejected, or pending holiday requests.

    Entitlement tracking

    Once holiday leave is approved, edays automatically recalculates the entitlement balance accordingly and updates individual records.

    Personal calendar

    Online calendars provide users with a personal snapshot of all planned and unplanned absences over a 3-year period.

    Shared calendars

    edays allows you to define work-groups with sight over each other’s absence calendars, providing visibility across teams and departments.

    Viewing restrictions

    Defined viewing permission allow you to control the visibility of shared calendars, restricting who sees whom in the calendar and what absence types display to whom.

    Outlook & Gmail integration

    One-click integration allows you to sync edays calendars with local calendars such as Outlook, Gmail, etc.

    Mobile app

    mobile app
    Request annual leave

    Easy booking of leave - no matter when and where you are. The mobile app experience makes it easy to create positive, simple and intuitive requests with just a tap.

    Log overtime & TOIL

    All overtime worked can be quickly recorded through our overtime tracking functionality. This is integrated directly into the reporting feature in our desktop system, and employees have clear visibility of TOIL accrued with the option to use it in just a couple of taps.

    Access group calendars

    The ability to view group calendars within the app makes it easy for employees to plan their leave requests in times where it should be more likely to get approved, based on who else in their team is already off.

    Manage employee records

    Gain full visibility of an employee's record with annual leave entitlement, overtime logged, sickness absences and Bradford Factor scores.

    Submit sick absence

    Get clear oversight of who is sick and when, and have complete customisability over their journey. As soon as an absence is reported, log and update sickness records on the go.

    Review requests

    People managers and authorisers can easily review requests within the app, with access to group calendars making it simple to make an informed decision while ensuring adequate operational coverage.

    Time submission

    Manually record time

    Clock in and clock out time at the click of a button. View all time submission alongside annual leave, sickness leave, other types of leave and public holidays, for a crystal clear picture of who is working and when.

    Cap hours & ensure regular breaks

    Keep track of who is working when, and for how long, to ensure mandatory breaks are being taken with our time submission system. Our platform is customisable to fit the regulations around working hours in your region.

    See time spent on projects

    Total visibility when it comes to where and how time is spent within your organisation - on which projects and in which departments.

    Record time accrued

    Automatically record time accrued through our time submission portal - whether it's overtime, TOIL (time off in lieu) or holiday entitlement, it's all done for you, significantly reducing manual admin tasks.

    Report on what you need

    Generate, view and download time submission reports for individuals, teams and entire departments within your business.

    Employee database

    Employee directory

    Find and search for all of your employees in one centralised location.

    Employee profile

    Create individual profiles for all of your employees – perfect for fast and responsive searches.

    Employment history

    Keep a full record of all your employees history for fast and secure reference.

    Employee documents

    Safely store employee documents in a centralised GDPR compliant system with full control over who has visibility.

    Document uploader

    Safely upload HR documents at a super-fast speed to your HR database.

    Security and audit trail

    Keep a close audit trail of all activity in your database for better compliance in your organisation.

    Document storage

    absence policy and documents
    Document uploader

    Our easy-to-use online portal allows you to upload all your important HR documents in just a few clicks.

    Document manager

    Categorise all your HR documents, policies, and other relevant documents into separate folders.

    Search documents

    Allow employees to easily locate and read documents using the search function on their dashboard.

    Prioritize order

    Order documents so the most important files and folders are at the top of your employees’ dashboard.

    Track document downloads

    See exactly what documents have been downloaded and by whom – making it easier to chase employees up.

    Set user visibility

    Set visibility rules allowing employees to only have access to documents that are relevant to them.