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Leverage data and analytics for smarter absence management.

absence reporting

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Absence reporting made simple.

The ability to generate absence reports fast and efficiently is vital for an effective HR team. HR shouldn’t have to spend countless hours manually compiling absence reports every month. They have more important tasks to do, like ensuring employees are happy and engaged.

By using an automated reporting system, HR can sit back, relax and receive weekly absence reports. HR can use our enhanced reporting feature to combine accurate sickness data with powerful absence insights. Allowing them to easily identify problems caused by absenteeism and spot opportunities to reduce the cost of absence in the business.

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absence reporting

Graphical reporting dashboard.

Your reports dashboard is entirely customizable. Both HR and managers can create their own reports dashboard, displaying only the absence data they want to see.

Charts can be created from a wide variety of reports. With charts showing a comparison on unplanned absence, percentage of annual leave booked to date, the cost of absence and much more.

Each chart can be moved around or hidden, as well as individually edited to display the exact information you want. From selecting the date range, team, location, or office you want to display the information for, as well the different types of absence.

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User-friendly custom report builder.

Whether you’re reporting on an individual, a whole team, or if you have branches or offices in different locations, you can create whatever report you want, whenever you want. The flexibility of our reporting system lets you create custom reports that extract all the absence data you require.

HR and managers can build and run reports on specific absence types to better understand the cause and impact of absenteeism across your organization. All absence reports can be exported into CSV format for use in Microsoft Excel or to be fed into your existing payroll and HR systems.

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Automate and schedule reports.

Let our reporting system do the work for you. There is no need to create new reports every month, simply create and save reports, ready to run at any time. Reports can be saved into specific reporting folders and only allow certain staff to view and run them.

All reports can be scheduled and sent directly to specific users showing them only the information they require. For example, managers can receive reports that only display absence data on their direct reports and no one else.

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The new system has made our department’s job much easier – as everything is done and recorded online we can access information at any time and download reports as needed.

Ian Reece, HR Manager – Filtermist

I think implementing Edays is one of the best things we’ve done for our people. The in-depth absence data it provides has helped us get a handle on both unplanned and planned absence to proactively identify and address wellbeing issues.

Paul Holmes, Managing Director – Wirtgen Group

Read our expert guide on how to leverage absence data in your business.

Being able to leverage your employee absence data is easy. There are hundreds of different and unique reports that you can build through our custom report builder, providing you with different absence data that can help improve employee wellbeing and drive your business forward.

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