Safe & secure HR document storage

Eliminate the need for paper & filing cabinets and say hello to online HR document management.

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Upload & Manage Documents Easily

Manage all your important documents in one secure location. HR managers can upload policies, employee handbooks and other business-related documents in just a few clicks. The uploaded documents can be placed into separate folders, making it easy for employees to find and review them.

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Keep Important Personnel Files Safe

Be confident that all your HR documents are safe by storing them in our online document storage portal. e-days take pride in not only offering an easy to use system, but one that is extremely secure. The platform is fully GDPR compliant and is hosted on Microsoft’s industry-leading Azure Cloud platform.

Full Control For HR Managers

The document portal allows you to set dedicated system admins that can take complete control of:

– Restricting visibility of files to only those required
– Tracking who has received and viewed mandatory documents
– Notifying employees of file uploads and necessary actions

Tracking document download

“The e-days employee directory has totally changed how we work. We were totally paper-based before and we can rest assured that employee documentation is secure and easy to find.”

Director, Little Jungle School of Early Childhood

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Become a Digital & Sustainable Business

Take the next step to becoming a digital business and access all your documents on the go with our intuitive mobile system. As well as streamlining your processes, storing all your documents digitally will not only save you hundreds of pounds on ink, paper, and large filing cabinets, but it is great for the environment.

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