Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) powered by BHSF.

Provide your employees with direct access to professional advice and guidance.

Trusted by over 1,500 companies worldwide.


About our Employee Assistance Programme.

Partnering with leading EAP provider BHSF, we’re able to combine effective absence management with EAP to empower businesses and their employees around the world to work smarter, happier, and healthier.

40% of sickness-related absence is caused by workplace stress.

With our EAP offering, which comes completely free as part of your Edays package, you can start offering support to your employees with the right tools to overcome mental and physical wellbeing hurdles. This not only helps them return to work stronger than ever but will also reduce occurrences of employee burnout and turnover.

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A free helpline, available 24/7.

Talking and getting actionable advice from a health professional is a huge step to recovery. That’s why employees have unlimited access to a helpline that’s confidential and available 24/7 to overcome wellness challenges with BHSF qualified therapists. Whether it’s a phone call or face to face, professional advice is available without leaving the home.

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Accessible resources on any device, anywhere in the world.

What if your employees could have access comprehensive library of professional resources to help them through challenging times? We’ve made it happen.

According to the CIPD, only 25% of managers are confident in spotting the early signs of mental ill-health in the workplace.

All of the professional resources included within our EAP offering cover everything from workplace stress and anxiety, to coping with loss.

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Edays has up-skilled members of staff by giving them an increased ability to manage their workforce through a system at their fingertips, and has been a fantastic support to our organisational priorities of colleague wellbeing and health in the workplace. The insights we’ve secured from the data Edays generates has been transformational in how we as a company view the role of HR as well.

Kiran Sahota, Finance Business Partner – Lambert Smith Hampton

Read our essential guide to employee assistance programmes.

As an employer, you’re in a perfect position to give your employees the strength and support they need. An employee assistance programme can help them feel less overwhelmed while signposting them to relevant resources.

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