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Online employee database software

Manage all sensitive employee information and keep it safe in an online HR database.

HR database

Trusted by over 1,400 companies worldwide

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Save time and quickly manage records

HR shouldn’t have to spend countless hours manually updating employees’ personal and work-related information. HR already has a lot on their plate, so being forced to manage everyone’s personal and work information using paper and large filing cabinets, is messy and extremely time-consuming. Moving away from these outdated methods and onto an online HR database, where employees can update the details themselves, will relieve the workload on HR, saving them countless wasted hours.

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Store sensitive data in a secure online database

Not only will HR save time by managing employee information and documents digitally, using our online database will ensure all your employee data is completely safe. Our online platform is hosted on Microsoft’s industry-leading Azure cloud, we are ISO 27001 compliant and our technical team performs regular penetration testing. No more worrying about GDPR or where your important documents are.

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An employee database built around you

We can customize your HR database to include the information you want to store on your staff, what they can see, along with all the information they are allowed to update. You can include personal information such as; name, home address, email, next of kin. Work-related information such as; payroll number, employee number, start date, rota pattern, as well as storing documents like CVs, policies, and passports.

All of this as well as uploading and storing return to work forms, GP appointments notes, sickness payment information, and much more. Whatever information you want to store in your employee database, we can provide.

Read our expert guide on why your business needs an employee directory

Not all companies have employee directories. But those who do enjoy a significant boost to productivity. Employee directories make it easier for people across your organization to work together.

The feedback from the team has been excellent. The edays employee directory has totally changed how we work. We were totally paper-based before and we can rest assured that employee documentation is secure and easy to find.

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