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    An accessible group calendar for teams, departments and functions

    Increase the visibility of where your employees are and give managers the ability to better plan resources for the future.

    share holiday calendars

    Trusted by over 1,400 companies worldwide

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    Shared calendar illustration

    Gain full visibility of employees with an accessible online shared calendar

    Easily see who is in and out across the whole business using our group calendar function. The group calendar function gives managers a clear view of where their team is and whether they are on holiday, off sick, or just working from home.

    Team calendars can be viewed by team, location, country, or set groups allowing managers and employees to only see where people are that are relevant to them. All absences can be customised and colour-coded, making it even easier to see if someone is just on holiday or attending a conference.

    Email integrations

    Simple integration with your favourite email platforms

    From Outlook to Gmail, our integrations with various email providers means holidays and absences can automatically be added to your calendar. Not only that, but managers can also add individual or multiple employees’ edays calendars into their email calendars, making it easy to book meetings and plan for future workloads.

    working locations software

    Shared calendar checking on the go

    It’s never been easier to access your teams’ calendars using the mobile version of the system, making it easy to check employee whereabouts whenever and wherever you are. Convenience at its finest.

    We find the edays system excellent and very user-friendly. I’m the master user in the HR team and have found it to be a great system. The help desk at edays is also excellent and always reply with accurate help straight away. Whenever I meet other HR professionals I always recommend edays if they want an effective holiday tracker system.

    Ben Efford (MCIPD), HR Business Partner – Monster Energy

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