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Remove manual errors and increase visibility of employee leave

Using paper forms and spreadsheets to keep track of employee leave is tedious, error-prone and can cause confusion amongst staff. Booking time off can often include various manual steps, ranging from emailing managers to updating the company spreadsheet. These manual processes are open to human error and create a chain of never-ending emails that HR have to keep track of. This can leave employees unsure if their leave request has been authorised and confused about how many days of holiday they have left.

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Employee requests annual leave.

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Manager approves holiday request.

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Employee receives email notification.

Empower employees to take responsibility

By encouraging employees to take responsibility for their own leave, you remove unnecessary manual processes, reducing errors and saving time. Our self-service platform has been built around the users, meaning booking a day off takes less than a minute and checking holiday entitlement is even quicker. Holiday requests are then automatically sent to managers, who can then authorise it in a single click.

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“e-days is simple to use and an effective leave management tool. Highly recommended.”

Carl Van Petegem, Corporate Manager at Sytner

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Everything your business needs

Our cloud-based software can be accessed on any device, from anywhere in the world. Making booking and managing holiday easier than ever before.

Employees can book holiday, check their holiday entitlement, track overtime and use TOIL all without the assistance of HR or their manager.

HR are given a clearer picture of employee leave with our enhanced reporting feature. With the ability to create multiple leave types and bespoke reports, HR can really dig down into leave data.

Frequently asked questions

What is leave management?

Leave management is a term used by businesses in reference to how they handle employee leave. This refers to both the booking of annual leave as well as managing employee leave entitlement.

What is a leave management software?

Leave management software is a piece of software, online system or platform, that businesses use to manage employee leave. The software will allow employees to book leave themselves, as well as complete other leave related tasks.

What types of leave can I use in e-days?

Beacuse we build you a bespoke system, you can have whatever leave types you want. Some examples of these can be; Holiday, Sickness, Training, Maternity, Paternity, Working from home, GP Appointment, Conference.

Can employee's take leave whenever they like in e-days?

Yes. Our online system can be accessed anywhere, anytime and on any device. However, they can only take leave if they have enough holiday left. If they have used them all up, the system does not allow them to take anymore.

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