Integrated health & wellbeing advice straight from the NHS.

Provide your employees with direct access to professional advice and guidance.

Trusted by over 1,500 companies worldwide.


An employee wellbeing revolution.

We are taking employee wellbeing to the next level by offering direct health & wellbeing advice from the NHS, the first instance of its kind within an absence management platform. This allows organizations to offer a helping hand and get employees that are under the weather back to their best.

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A whole library of expert advice.

With our direct integration into the NHS, all information provided is coming from the most respected medical authority in the UK. The module has 8 sections focused on common health and wellbeing themes – from getting through cold and flu to professional advice on quitting smoking. Employees can also find new exercise tips, read up on advice around tiredness and fatigue, and even watch a video on how to treat a sore throat.

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Beneficial for both employees & managers.

Employees can easily find expert healthcare information about their illness, with advice on how they can manage and even cure it. This can all be done from the comfort of their own home, removing unnecessary visits to the doctors that can potentially make their illness worse.

Managers can ensure there is a high level of employee wellbeing by proactively seeking out healthcare information. Helping employees overcome their illness and even find tips on how they can prevent illness in the first place.

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Sickness logging integration.

Not only can employees click into the module and read up on health advice at their own leisure, but we have also integrated it into our sickness and unplanned absence booker. When entering unplanned absences, managers can select a reason for the illness, which then pulls information into the booker about that specific illness. Managers are then able to relay this information back to the employee and advise them on how to get better.

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The data-driven evidence Edays gives us will lead to more nuanced decision making aimed at supporting our employees’ health and wellbeing and improve their overall experience of working for the firm.

Read our expert guide on the best wellness programs.

Any business in any sector is only as good as its people. That’s why businesses that make employee wellbeing programs a priority can look forward to long-term success.

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