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    Drive Productivity with our overtime and TOIL tracker

    Enable employees to manage overtime & TOIL through a secure self-service platform

    overtime and TOIL software

    Trusted by over 1,400 companies worldwide

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    annual leave software

    Managing overtime has never been easier

    Keeping track of all the extra hours worked for every employee can be difficult. Paper forms can be filled out incorrectly or forgotten altogether, so to manage overtime conveniently and efficiently, an automated system is required; ideally one that is easy to use and can process overtime for you. With edays overtime tracker, employees keep a track of all extra hours worked, enter their overtime days and hours and click submit. It’s that easy.

    Manage and use TOIL in a few clicks

    Employees have visibility of all overtime they’ve accrued and displayed as TOIL, showing overtime earned that year, the amount spent in the year, and total TOIL left. Employees can use accrued overtime just as simply as booking annual leave – they simply select whether to use up accrued TOIL, instead of holiday. TOIL can be taken as a whole day or just a few hours.

    absence management reporting software

    An overtime tracker with an integrated reporting feature

    Overtime data is pulled into the reporting feature where Human Resource teams can create and run bespoke reports on overtime and TOIL. This can be used in conjunction with payroll, allowing them to see extra hours worked by employees and make additional monthly payments.

    Read our expert guide on staffing levels

    An intelligent approach to staffing levels involves finding the perfect balance. You need the right number of people, a good mix of skills, and a company culture that champions teamwork, support, and open feedback.

    We can now say with confidence that 100% of our absence and overtime is now tracked and monitored within the regions that use edays. This ensures our employees get paid for their overtime and gives us a more accurate picture of absence within those regions, allowing us to plan our resources more effectively.

    Edit Hannak, European AP Manager – Trimble

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