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Tracking overtime has never been easier

Keeping track of all extra hours worked for every employee can be difficult. Paper forms can be filled out incorrectly or forgotten altogether, causing issues and confusion. To conveniently keep track of extra hours employees work, an automated system is required. One that is easy to use and can process overtime effectively.

Using our overtime tracker, employees can keep a track record of all extra hours worked. Employees can simply enter the days and hours they worked overtime for, then click submit. All overtime is then tracked and recorded in an online system.

Overtime tracker dashboard
Toil tracker dashboard

Manage and use TOIL in a few clicks

Employees have a clear visibility of all overtime accrued and use it in just a couple of clicks. All overtime is tracked and added directly into the employees leave entitlement. This is displayed clearly as TOIL, showing overtime earned that year, the amount spent in the year and total TOIL left.

Using accrued overtime is just as simple as booking annual leave. When booking a holiday, employees can select their accrued TOIL, instead of their holiday entitlement. TOIL can be taken as a whole day or just a few hours.

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e-days has made annual leave and TOIL management significantly easier for both team members and managers. It’s flexible enough to allow for hourly or daily recording of leave, which is ideal for our departments.”

Data Manager, The University of Nottingham

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An overtime tracker with an integrated reporting feature

All overtime worked is also recorded through our overtime tracking functionality, which is directly integrated into our reporting feature. Overtime data is pulled into the reporting feature where HR can create and run bespoke reports on both overtime and TOIL. This can be used in conjunction with payroll, allowing them to see extra hours worked by employee and make additional monthly payments.


Overtime report dashboard

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