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Features Include:
  • No more spreadsheets - increase productivity in your business
  • Easy to use online system to accurately track staff overtime & TOIL
  • Reinforce compliance within your organisation

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Tracking employee overtime and TOIL couldn’t be easier with e-days

Useful for a variety of organisations, e-days includes functionality that makes it easy to track employee overtime and TOIL.

e-days allows your employees to keep track of their overtime, and to add directly to their leave entitlement. This will allow them to spend this extra allowance as and when they need to and as part of their normal leave booking process.

Alternatively Overtime can be recorded ready to be sent to payroll as part of HR reporting, for additional monthly payments to those who have worked additional hours.

For TOIL, managers or employees can log occurrences of TOIL, for example working weekends or bank holidays, that can then be added to an employees holiday allowance.

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"e-days has helped us to streamline and effectively monitor absences within the company. The site is easy to use, colourful and intuitive."

Head of Compensation & Benefits,
Sony Pictures Entertainment

"e-days has made absence management easier for both managers and employees"

Data Manager,
The University of Nottingham