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Controlling employee time off has never been easier with e-days

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Take control of your time off

Using our online holiday tracking software, employees can easily request time off anytime, anywhere in the world. Employees can submit PTO request with just a couple of clicks of their mouse. A notification is then sent to their manager via an email, giving managers the ability to approve or reject the employee’s time-off request.


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Perfect for HR managers

No more HR has to hear the notorious “How much time off do I have left?” question. Employees no longer need to hassle HR with questions around how much time off they have left, with a self-serve platform that shows time off entitlement, total holidays used and how many days they have left.

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“e-days makes the entire absence management process more efficient. From booking holidays to keeping a check on allowances, e-days devolves responsibility from HR”

IT Manager, Silverton Aggregates

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Request and approve time off anytime, anywhere

With our mobile version of the system, employees can request time off and managers can approve or reject whenever and wherever they are in the world.

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