Return to Work Forms Made Simple

Online return to work forms allow managers to document sickness instances, improving the efficiency of the return to work process.

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Custom-built back to work forms

e-days include return to work forms built-in that’s tailored to your requirements. This results in automated documentation clear oversight into reasons for staff sickness absence which allows you to identify trends and act on them.

Forms are fully customisable in accordance with your company requirements. This allows your company to formalise processes according to your absence policy.

Having return to work forms on a secure cloud-based system helps your company apply best in class absence management. In addition, you can rest assured that employee data is being stored safely to comply with GDPR.

Recording staff sickness
Return to work plan after sickness

Identify staff support needs

As an effective element of unplanned absence management, the return to work process helps maintain that your employees are fit when they return to work after sickness. In addition, you learn important trends to help your organisation reduce unplanned absence.

This is all possible with e-days.

We give managers the capability to identify where employees need support. Long term unplanned absence could be the result of disability or mental health.

Self Certificate and Fit for Work notes

For a refined return to work interviews, the self-certification form built into e-days is perfect for sickness absences of seven days or less.

e-days will send this automatically to your employee when they return to work from sickness.

For long term sickness absence, your employee is required to provide medical evidence in the form of a Fit to Work note. These documents can be stored on e-days.

Return to work forms
Return to work

An affordable and adaptable platform for return to work forms

e-days helps your business craft robust return to work forms. This is perfect for both mid-market and global businesses.

If you already use an HR system, not to worry. e-days integrates effortlessly with popular HRIS platforms.

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