Self-service absence management platform

Empower your employees to take responsibility for their own annual leave.

self service absent management system

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Claiming time back for HR

By allowing staff to book annual leave, check their holiday entitlement, read policy documents and update their personal information, will reduce the administrative burden on HR teams. Instead of staff constantly asking HR how many holidays they have left or asking them to update their personal records, employees can do both these tasks and much more themselves. Saving the time of both employees and HR.

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The perfect self-service absence platform

Our absence management system has been built with the user in mind, ensuring the completion of any task is quick and hassle-free. For employees to book a day off, they simply log in to their account, click the ‘Book time off’ button, select the time they want off and submit it. This can be done from a computer in the office, at home using a laptop, or using their mobile phone on the go.

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The different self-service functionalities

Our online absence management system provides employees with a variety of self-service tools that allow them to completely take control of their work lives.

  • Book annual leave: Employees can book annual leave whenever and wherever they like using our holiday booking feature.
  • Update personal details: Staff can update their work and personal information, read documents and check their return to work forms in their own employee profile area.
  • Get healthcare advice: With our NHS integration, employees can proactively get direct health & wellbeing advice from the NHS.
  • Clock in and out: Staff can keep track of their working hours automatically with our time and attendance software.
  • Overtime & TOIL: Employees can keep track of any overtime they have completed and use their TOIL with our overtime & TOIL tracker.

edays has transformed the way we monitor and manage absences, transforming the way we work.

Leah Naman, People Experience Partner – ASOS

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