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Employee clocking in and out made easy

Employees can clock in and out of work with a click of a button within their e-days account. Employees also have the ability to manually submit their working hours, which can include multiple breaks and working periods each day.

Using the clock in and out button, working times are automatically added to the employees’ dashboard. Hours are then totaled up each day to give a full breakdown of the employee’s working hours that week. Employees can then edit these times and submit their whole week to their managers.

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Time submission area

Time submission email notification

Automated attendance notifications for managers

Managers receive a notification both to their email and e-days account when an employee submits their working hours for the week. Managers can then accept or reject these time submissions and include a reason for any rejections. Users will then receive notifications as to whether their time submissions have been accepted or rejected, where rejected submissions can be edited before submitting again.

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“We find the e-days system excellent and very user-friendly. I’m the master user in the HR team and have found it to be a great system.”

Vice President, Monster Energy

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Time submission reporting

Insightful time and attendance reporting

Admins can create custom time submission reports, as well as view the three default submission reports already included in the system:

Weekly overview: A summary of time worked per week for each employee
Daily breakdown: Detailed report of every working period submitted
Incomplete submissions: Report showing users who haven’t submitted their time entries


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