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    Flexible healthcare for employees with online GP services

    Give your people the healthcare they require anywhere, anytime without leaving the home.

    overtime tracking

    Trusted by over 1,400 companies worldwide

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    virtual GP

    GP appointments whenever and wherever you like

    With limited slots available and huge waiting times, seeing a doctor can take weeks, at which time you may have already recovered. With a Virtual GP powered by Doctorcare Anywhere, employees can book an appointment, see a doctor, and be treated all at a time that suits them. Meaning employees won’t have to take time off work to see a doctor, whilst helping businesses to reduce absenteeism.

    Virtual GP prescriptions

    Get prescriptions delivered to your door

    During the consultation, employees can order a prescription straight to their home or workplace, to their local pharmacy, or simply keep a note of the prescription on their records, ready to be used whenever they need it.

    If an employee has an NHS repeat prescription, they can set this up to be ordered through Virtual GP. This will send them a notification when their medication is ready to collect, from their local pharmacy.

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    Be referred to a specialist immediately

    Sometimes the GP won’t be able to help the employee, in which case they will refer them to see a specialist or therapist. After consultation with the virtual doctor, if it is appropriate, they will recommend that the employee sees the right specialist immediately.

    Seamlessly integrated into your edays system

    With our Virtual GP, it is simple and easy to set up. Virtual GP is integrated with your Edays system, meaning staff can access it at any time, on any device. Making a booking and seeing a healthcare professional quick and easy.

    Read our expert guide on how telemedicine is transforming employee wellbeing

    Over the years, businesses have been adopting telehealth providers and using them as part of their employee wellbeing strategy. This shows no signs of stopping with the adoption of telehealth providers increasing by 340% in 2019 according to a recent survey of 800 physicians.

    edays is a great system that is easy to use and understand when it comes to logging sickness and booking holiday. It provides us with all the absence information we need through one screen and the system can offer expert medical advice to ill employees at the click of a button.

    Mathias Grosse, HR Officer – McClures

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