Approved sub-processors

We engage with sub-processors to deliver the Edays application and support services for our customers.

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What is a sub-processor?

A sub-processor is a third-party supplier engaged by Edays to perform certain data processing tasks that allow for the delivery of the Edays application and support services to its customers.

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Supplier approval

Edays has implemented a strict supplier approval process as part of achieving ISO 27001 and our commitment to GDPR compliance. All suppliers that will perform sub-processing activities must have contracts, privacy policies, and confidentiality agreements reviewed prior to engagement to ensure suppliers meet the needs of e-days customers and GDPR regulations. Suppliers will also be expected to complete a security assessment that is reviewed against e-days own policy documentation. Edays will never appoint a sub-process for any other reason than to provide our contracted service to you.

List of sub-processors

Company Service Hosting Location
Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Azure cloud hosting platform. Office 365 services UK
Freshworks Inc Freshdesk support system Germany
ChurnZero Customer Success Management Solution Ireland