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Calculate your Bradford Factor score and discover how employee absence is disrupting your business.

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What is the Bradford Factor?

The Bradford Factor is a simple formula that provides businesses with a score on each employee based on their unplanned absences. It was designed on the basis that repeat, short-term absence has a bigger impact on business operation, with a higher score representing an increased disruption for the organization.

bradford factor calculator

The Bradford Factor calculation

Calculating an employee’s Bradford Factor score is typically calculated over a 52-week and uses the Bradford Formula:

S x S x D = B
S = Spells or number of absence occasions over a rolling 52-week period
D = Total number of days absent in a rolling 52-week period
B = Bradford Factor score

For example, an employee who was off 3 times, covering a span of 10 days in total, would be calculated as; 3 x 3 x 10 = 90

On the standard scoring system, a score of 90 would put the employee on a verbal warning. This is because they have hit the first trigger point. To learn more about trigger points read our article on Bradford Factor Trigger Points.

How to use our Bradford Factor Calculator

Just like the Bradford index, our calculator is extremely easy. All you need to know is the number of times an employee has been absent and then the total number of days they have been off.

Step 1. In the Absence Count box, input the total number of times an employee has been off over the last 52 weeks.

Step 2. In the Days Absent box, input the total number of days the employee has been off over the last 52 weeks.

Step 3. Click ‘Calculate’

Bradford Factor Score:
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How edays tracks Bradford Factor scores

edays automatically calculates the Bradford Factor score for all employees over a rolling 52-week period, making patterns of sickness absence easy to spot and subsequently address.

Organizations can choose to display the scores on employee dashboards, manager dashboards, or simply just HR team dashboards ensuring scores remain private & protected.

  1. All Bradford Factor scores are automated
  2. Scores are made visible to the manager
  3. Alerts are sent to managers and HR