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4finance, one of Europe’s largest digital consumer lending groups, implemented the e-days absence management solution to improve local regulation compliance and better utilise their absence data.

Since using e-days, 4finance has achieved complete adoption of the absence management platform across 19 countries and their HR team can now easily add and update country-specific rules within the platform. 4finance has restored confidence in their absence data and improved employee experience overall through the e-days system integration with Cornerstone OnDemand.

We really struggled with countries using the old HRIS system, we had very little flexibility and limited functionality across HCM.

The combination of Cornerstone for booking and managing learning alongside the absence tracking and reporting offered through e-days, we’ve found a solution that has saved endless hours of admin and increased employee engagement globally. e-days is really easy to use, intuitive, looks great and is just cool!

HCM Systems Manager

The Challenge

Before e-days, 4Finance had identified that the HR platform they were using to record holiday and sickness was not suited to their business for various reasons, acknowledging that these processes needed to change for the better.

The existing system had a poor UI/UX that failed to engage their employees, resulting in several teams within 4Finance adopting localised and manual solutions for managing absence. This amounted into a very complex amalgamation of systems that made it impossible for HR staff to monitor employee headcount and view absence trends or patterns. On top of this, they were struggling to remain compliant with the local absence rules and regulations of the countries they operated within due to the inflexibility of their system, creating unknown financial liability.

4Finance decided to embrace these challenges and improve the current situation by seeking a new solution. They were looking for a solution that would simplify the complex web of systems that they had in place to manage their absence processes. It also needed to ensure that 4Finance is compliant to the local absence regulations within the countries they operated in and act as a single point of truth for their absence data.

The Solution

To tackle these challenges, 4Finance got in contact with e-days through their HRIS provider Cornerstone, one of our valued partners. From there they decided to work with e-days on a project to take their absence management processes to the next level. Four main project drivers were identified.

The first driver was to get a system in place with the flexibility to allow administrators to set rules and limits for different countries, allowing them to easily meet the absence regulations of the 19 countries they operated in.

The second was to simplify the complex amalgamation of systems they were using. This would give 4Finance’s HR team a single point of truth for all of their data, restoring confidence in their absence data and providing them with an accurate representation of their employee headcount.

The third was to deploy a solution that would drive and encourage employee engagement through user-friendly UI/UX and ease of use.

The fourth was to create an API integration with Cornerstone OnDemand, allowing single-sign-on access to e-days direct through the Cornerstone portal.

The Results

4Finance has achieved full adoption of the e-days solution across the organisation due to maximum buy-in from all key stakeholders. The HR team can now easily create and update country-specific rules allowing them to remain compliant across all locations.

The complex amalgamation of localised and manual solutions is no more, giving 4Finance one single point of truth for all absence data and restoring confidence in their absence data.

The project overall has been a huge success for 4Finance, the integration between e-days and Cornerstone has allowed them to enhance employee experience across their organisation.

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