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Having recently upgraded to e-days version 5, Cordek is using the latest version of e-days absence management to better manage sickness and annual leave throughout their business. E-days can now help Cordek spot employees at risk of burnout and also automatically schedule alerts and tasks, making their processes so much more effective and efficient.

Why upgrade?

Cordek is a technical solutions provider to the construction industry and has been using the e-days absence management platform since 2014. After six years of using the platform, the HR department became curious and started to explore the latest version of e-days, version 5. Following their system upgrade, they are now happier than ever and are reaping the benefits of the latest version.

e-days version 4 was very well received by Cordek and has helped them get a handle on absence within their business. But as the platform grew, so did e-days’ desire to innovate, leading to the creation of version 5. After the success Cordek enjoyed with version 4, they were excited to see what the latest version of the platform had to offer.

Cordek’s HR manager saw a demonstration of version 5 and was impressed with the sleek and modern UI and the clear layout of the calendar view, meaning they could see at a glance who was out of the business. They also liked the automated alerts that version 5 could send, reminding employees to fill out return to work forms and nudging workaholics to take holiday when needed.


We have received such a good reaction to the upgrade, all of our employees have really engaged with the new platform and have taken the time to explore the new version since launching it in June 2020. Employees have found it easy to navigate themselves around the new version and to ensure they’re using it to its full potential.


Laura Smile, Human Resource Manager

The upgrade process...

e-days’ helpful project management and customer success teams were on hand to help Cordek get their system up and running, and provided plenty of support post launch. The customer success team hosted enablement webinars to help Cordek get the most out of their upgraded system and continues to provide support today.

What were the biggest benefits?

Since upgrading to e-days version 5, Cordek is seeing huge benefits. Before version 5 was implemented, many of Cordek’s staff would save their holiday for December, causing issues for the business. Now, they can use e-days’ enhanced group calendar to better manage their time off around each other and use the system to send out alerts that remind staff that have not taken holiday, to encourage them to take a break and prevent burnout.

Cordek’s HR department has also been able to become more efficient than ever before, with automated notifications to follow up return to work forms and self-service. The automated notifications have eliminated the endless chasing that was required to get employees to complete the return to work forms previously. Enabling self-service has also allowed employees to update their own details, a task previously performed by HR. These changes have allowed Cordek’s HR department to stop performing these manual, mundane tasks and opened up time to spend on more value-added tasks.

Reporting through e-days is now easier than ever, with the report builder being used to tailor and adjust the information included to create clear cut reports when dealing with specific HR tasks.

Finally, the look and feel of their system has also completely transformed. It now closely matches their brand, making it a lot more personal to their business which their workforce loves.

“Version 5 has allowed me to save time by having e-days chase outstanding absence tasks, such as return to work forms, by sending automated notifications to remind an employee to complete it, therefore, I can focus and progress forwards with other HR challenges. I’d thoroughly recommend upgrading to any e-days client.” – Laura Smile, Human Resource Manager – Cordek

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