• Entitlement calculation
  • Holiday booking
  • Reporting
  • Single Sign On
  • Team calendars
  • Carryover functionality
  • Automated allowance reminders


Creative Media Network is a digital creative agency based in Haarlem in the Netherlands. Their clients include the likes of large multinational organisations such as L’Oreal & Bidfood Group. They initially approached e-days for a system that could cope with the complex and unique holiday and absence rules in the Netherlands.

Since implementing the system, they have both saved-time for HR and significantly boosted the productivity of the department, giving them more time to focus on more value added tasks.

With e-days, our company can now easily and effectively manage planned & unplanned absences along with other leave.

It’s been working great for us and we’re currently two years into our time with e-days.

Support Manager
Creative Media Networks

The Challenge

Due to the complex nature of holiday rules in the Netherlands, the planned absence is near impossible to manage on outdated paper and spreadsheet-based processes.

Workers are required to take their holiday allowance within six months after the year they were accrued. If a holiday is not taken the allowances are deleted and no compensation is offered.

The Solution

Creative Media Network joined e-days as Nefli B.V. before acquiring a separate organisation and merging the two companies into one e-days system, under the umbrella of Creative Media Network.

e-days was able to merge Nefli’s existing system with the new Creative Media Network system, whilst also upgrading them to the latest version of the software at the same time.

With regards to the complex holiday rules in the Netherlands, e-days enabled administrators to log in and make bulk deletions to employee records on the six-month expiry date, saving a great deal of time in the process.

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The Impact

As with many of the organisations e-days help with absence management, the immediate impact came from time-saving, and subsequently productivity increasing by replacing time-consuming manual processes.

Creative Media Networks employees are now empowered to request their own holidays online and have constant visibility over their allowances through e-days self-service functionality.

The visibility provided also means managers can send automated prompts for employees to use up their holidays when they’re approaching the 6-month limit mentioned previously.

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