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The Challenge

With a vast history dating back to the 1940’s and a well-established world-renowned brand, Fender is of course most famous for the manufacturing and retail of guitars and amplifiers.

Fender approached e-days looking for a system that was capable of working across their global workforce, notably Europe, Mexico and the United States. Fenders initial need was born out of a frustration of a very manual process having to deal with over 4000 requests a year in Europe alone.

The manual process meant holiday documents could easily be misplaced or even inadvertently amended, leading to mistakes in holiday logging. Fender also wanted to become more proactive in tracking the wellbeing of their employees, by identifying any sickness trends that could point to a more serious long-term problem.

Tristan and Brendan have been an ongoing massive help with assisting with questions I have about making best us of the e-days software.

What has kept us as a client since is that there are multiple updates throughout the year and always new opportunities and avenues take to better the user experience of the e-days system. 

Payroll Specialist

The Solution

Fender had three clear needs: 1) Wanting to become more efficient and secure. 2) Wanting to look after employee wellbeing through sickness trend tracking. 3) An easy to manage web-based system that cut down impact on administrators and the environment (tonnes of paper).

e-days ticked all the boxes, and within months Fender had a system that was capable to manage the absences of their teams across the globe from one central location. Users in Mexico had access to a system translated into Mexican Spanish, a specific dialect, and users across Europe had access to a system in their own language also.

e-days was also able to provide fender with all the reporting and alert tools to accurately and effectively manage sickness absence, analyse trends and be proactive in addressing potential long-term sickness issues.

The Impact

Fender now benefit from a globally joined up way of managing annual leave and sickness absence, a benefit for HR and Payroll teams as well as the employees themselves who have a much clearer overview, and responsibility over, their own holiday allowance.

From an organisational point of view, Fender are now also able to claim greater CSR through cutting down on the use of paper for their absence processes, as well as being able to show their commitment to the health and wellbeing of their employees through accurate sickness tracking.

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