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The Challenge

Imagex’s current HR Manager joined the business in early 2018, immediately identifying an issue with an inefficient absence management process. Absences were tracked using a combination of spreadsheets and wall planners, making things time consuming and insecure.

The new HR manager, having previously used e-days, new of a more efficient way of tracking absence through the use of a cloud-based online system. With that in mind, e-days were once again approached to see if they could help Imagex.

Absence Management is important to Imagex as it enables departments to plan especially during peak periods.

It also provides the opportunity to track and monitor unplanned absence, and promptly help to identify underlying issues and prevent these from escalating.

e-days is a cost-effective solution, simple to set up and administer and very user friendly

HR Manager
Imagex Medical

The Solution

Due to the nature of Imagex work, planning between departments is vital to ensure business processes run as smoothly as possible. Therefore, accurate tracking of absence is vital to ensure departments can account for seasonal peaks.

By using e-days Imagex is able to set minimum staffing levels to ensure the correct level of employees is in a department at any one time as required by the business.

e-days also allows Imagex, a healthcare sector organisation, to accurately track unplanned absence, such as sickness, allowing them to spot any trends in sickness, and address issues to prevent escalation in unplanned absence.

Imagex found initial set up of e-days very straightforward, on top of this e-days much-loved customer success aftercare, through the attendance of regular webinars and support calls where needed have combined to make Imagex first year as an e-days client as smooth as possible.

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The Impact

Imagex identified e-days as a cost-effective, time-saving and easy to administer the system, that was user-friendly enough to be self-service, meaning staff and management share the responsibility of managing planned and unplanned absence.

This has clearly been proven, with a significant amount of time shaved off their absence approval process, as well as the redistribution of workload related to absence, taking the pressure off HR and empowering every member of the organisation to play a part in creating a more efficient process.

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