• Entitlement calculation
  • Holiday booking
  • Reporting
  • Long service awards
  • Team calendars
  • Carry-over functionality
  • Overtime & TOIL


Lee & Thompson is one of the UK’s leading law firms for the Media, Technology and Creative sectors. They have been representing the interests of both individual and creative organisations within the media industry for 35 years. Lee & Thompson were using an outdated and time-consuming paper and spreadsheet process.

They required a system with more transparency around holidays and sickness, which is exactly what e-days provided. Lee & Thomson chose e-days as the solution due to the ease of use and cost effectiveness. They have been a client for many years, not only using e-days to track holidays and sickness, but now using the system for overtime and TOIL.

Our users find it very easy to use and our managers find it easy to approve & keep track of absences in their department.

It’s also easy to use from an administrator’s point of view.

If there are ever any issues or things we don’t understand or have difficulty with, there is great support from the e-days team who usually solve queries & issues straight away

Head of HR & Facilities
Lee & Thompson

The Challenge

Lee & Thompson, as with many of our clients, approached e-days to help them replace their outdated and time-consuming paper and spreadsheet processes.

There was a real need to provide more transparency around holidays and sickness within the organisation, to save time spend and regain productivity lost through daily requests for remaining balances.

The Solution

The main driver for seeking an electronic solution to their absence management for Lee & Thompson was to save time, but also save on the amount of paper being used from a CSR perspective.

e-days was chosen as the solution to Lee & Thompson’s problems due to its cost-effectiveness and ease of use for administrators, manager and users alike.

Originally, Lee & Thompson only used e-days for planned and unplanned absences, however after just a matter of months they started using e-days overtime and TOIL features, allowing payroll to run a simple, scheduled report monthly to pay employees for their overtime worked.

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The Impact

Lee & Thompson have now been e-days clients for over three years, with big changes in the visibility of holidays providing the most impact to the entire organisation.

For HR, the main difference is the amount of time saved on time-consuming holiday and sickness management tasks. There were also a great deal of non-standard absences common within the legal sector such as working from home, conferences, training courses and the PSC course for trainee solicitors.

The ability to cope with workers on non-standard hours, as well as the other requirements listed above have meant e-days has been able to provide great impact to Lee & Thompson from a time & cost-saving and productivity-increasing perspective

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