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Little Jungle School of Early Childhood is a privately-owned pre-school based in East Dulwich. They initially approached e-days to increase the security in which their employee data is stored and to gain better visibility over important HR documents.

Little Jungle decided e-days was the right solution for them and are now benefitting from one centralised absence management system and document repository, allowing them to ditch the system that was holding them back.

The feedback from the team has been excellent. The e-days employee directory has totally changed how we work. We were totally paper-based before and we can rest assured that employee documentation is secure and easy to find.

Little Jungle School of Early Childhood

The Challenge

Little Jungle School of Early Childhood is a privately-owned pre-school based in East Dulwich. The pre-school provides care and education for up to 85 children aged between 10 months and 5 years old.

Because the pre-school is a regulated business, it’s vital that they can safely store personal information and sensitive data. Everything, from personnel records for more than 40 employees, to performance reviews and customer feedback, must be carefully collected and stored to the most stringent of security standards.

The pre-school’s employment law advisors had already provided them with an online system for managing their employee directory. They found the system too complex for their needs, and too unintuitive for most of their team to use. Worse, they were not offered much support, either in setting up the system or in its ongoing maintenance.

The Solution

Little Jungle had previously operated on a combination of hard copies, locked filing cabinets, spreadsheets, and email. This previous method of managing HR documents proved counterproductive for the team and lacked security.

Pushed for time and worried about modern data security compliance standards, Little Jungle knew the sort of solution they needed – an employee directory that’s cloud-based that’s secure and easy to use. They also knew they needed a level of support their current providers couldn’t meet.

Compared to their current providers, the e-days system immediately jumped out as one that would be simple to set up and easy for their whole team to use.

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The Impact

They had a lot of historical data to upload to the e-days employee directory system. This meant they went through a transition phase between their legacy processes and the efficient new ways of doing things.

The staff was immediately impressed by just how easy it is to use e-days for secure document storage. In a very short space of time, the e-days system totally changed the way the pre-school operates. They’ve gone from a paper-based system to a secure and streamlined employee directory.

They were equally impressed by how the e-days support team is always on-hand, and always quick to respond to any request, no matter how small.

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