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  • Holiday booking
  • Sickness tracking
  • Return to work tools
  • Outlook integration
  • Team calendars
  • Single Sign On (SSO)


Monster Energy, a globally recognised soft drinks manufacturer, implemented the e-days absence management solution to improve visibility of absence across their organisation and transition away from a system of complex spreadsheets.

By using e-days, Monster has streamlined their holiday booking process, removing the use of any paper or spreadsheets. As a result, the time taken to for their employees to book holiday has gone from 6 minutes to 6 seconds. Monster also now are completely compliant to the holiday rules and regulations across the 36 countries they operate in.

“We find the e-days system excellent and very user-friendly. I’m the master user in the HR team and have found it to be a great system.

The help desk at e-days is also excellent and always reply with accurate help straight away. Whenever I meet other HR professionals I always recommend using this if they want an effective holiday tracker system.”

Ben Efford (MCIPD), HR Business Partner
Monster Energy

The Challenge

With employees across 36 different countries, Monster needed a leave tracking and absence management solution capable of complying with multiple different local leave entitlement and absence rules. They also needed shared absence calendar visibility across multiple locations with complex reporting lines.

Due to the complexities involved, Monster Energy had been using inefficient paper, scanning and spreadsheet methods for managing these tasks. This made it very difficult for HR to accurately monitor absence trends. It was creating a large admin burden for Managers and HR, teams were experiencing staff shortages at key times, and payroll was not getting accurate information on employee sickness.

The Solution

e-days was rolled out to all Monster employees as a global rollout with the previous paper-based systems being immediately discontinued. A company-wide sickness management policy was built into e-days with triggers and alerts to managers and HR to ensure correct absence processing policies were being followed.

A weekly automated reminder report was set up to be delivered by email to managers, to ensure any unauthorised leave requests are processed swiftly. Multiple intricate HR/Payroll absence reports were replaced with single, automated absence reports scheduled through e-days for the Monster payroll team on a monthly and fortnightly basis.

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The Impact

e-days meets the brief. Monster employees enjoy using the system and are particularly pleased that leave requests and approvals are now much quicker to process and far more straight-forward. Employees have also reported favourably about the mobile-friendly nature of e-days – making leave tracking easy to use on the move and at home.

Monster’s HR team finds the e-days data reports very useful, regularly providing payroll and senior managers with leave/absence reports to help manage the business efficiently.

Interestingly, the Monster HR team calculated that the time to process a leave request has dropped from over 6 minutes per request before e-days was used, to seconds now, providing an excellent cost-saving for the business in that area alone.

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