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Robson Lister are a wealth management company that have been offering financial planning advice since 2001. They were using paper and spreadsheets to manage absences, which they found extremely time-consuming.

The e-days solution provided Robson Lister with a streamline leave tracking and absence management process, saving them substantial time and money related to the administration of absences.

From the time I was assigned a Consultant, I felt confident that the e-days solution would be right for us. 

Gabby’s confidence in the system he was promoting was evident throughout and his approach was not to ‘sell’ the system to me, it was to provide me with as much information as I needed in order for me to decide whether e-days would meet our needs. 

During our communications I was given the time I needed to trial the system with regular contact to check on how I was progressing yet, despite many emails and conversations, I was never once pressurised into signing up.

Robson Lister
Practice Manager

The Challenge

e-days were approached by Robson Listers’ practice manager, as the manual paper and spreadsheet process in place was extremely time-consuming compared to her experience of e-days in a previous role.

It took a great deal of time to keep all records up to date across a great number of team spreadsheets and, as with any manual process, was open to human error.

The Solution

When it came to sourcing an online solution, the practice manager’s experience of e-days meant that we were of course under consideration, however due diligence and consideration of other suppliers as required by the business as procurement best practice.

Robson Lister felt that what stood out about e-days was the greater number of features available to simplify an organisations absence management processes, such as automated detailed reporting, Overtime & TOIL tracking and minimum staffing level automation.

Robson Lister also felt that the usability of the web-based application, coupled with the transparency around its pricing structure made it the clear favourite amongst other solutions.

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The Impact

The implementation of e-days has successfully streamlined all leave tracking and absence management processes within Robson Lister, saving a considerable amount of time and money associated with the administration of absence.

Robson Lister was also particularly pleased with the dedicated implementation manager they were assigned at the time of signing up, they felt it helped to correctly understand their needs and build their system around these needs.

Since launching Robson Lister has also commented on the quality of support they have received, responding to queries quickly when required.

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