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See Tickets retail and distribute millions of tickets each year for music, festival, exhibition, dance and clubs, sport, comedy and theatre events. See Tickets were using manual paper processes to manage holidays, which was causing them problems when it came to process holiday requests.

See Tickets were extremely happy with the smooth implementation of the whole system, which now gives them an improved visibility of employee absences thanks to the integration with Outlook.

e-days has enabled us to follow processes more rigorously and a big benefit is the visibility of absence throughout the organisation.

Reporting functionality is used to show clearly which departments need to focus on employee engagement and wellbeing when it comes to sickness absence

It has also allowed us to keep on top of the holiday bottleneck and ensure that we have a smoother flow of absence throughout the year which is much easier to manage

See Tickets
Financial Controller

The Challenge

See Tickets were using a manual paper process for the past ten years before approaching e-days. As the company continued to grow the challenge of maintaining a paper process increased, with struggles to process requests in a timely fashion.

On top of this, there was a real need to provide organisation-wide transparency of holiday calendars to allow for greater visibility to ease team and workload planning.

The Solution

Whilst scoping a solution, e-days impressed from the outset, within a week of engaging with our sales consultant, a meeting had been arranged, a demo delivered, and a trial system deployed for See Tickets to test the suitability of the e-days solution.

When it came to launching e-days, See Tickets found the process incredibly simple and commented that the e-days support team made the deployment as simple as possible by assisting at every key step along the way.

With e-days being a cloud-based solution, See Tickets were also delighted to not have to involve their IT team at any point in the project, allowing them to get on with business-critical tasks at hand.

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The Impact

See Tickets commented that one department head remarked “Does it sound sad that I’m so excited by this solution”, highlighting how important automating absence management was and the impact the e-days have had on the organisation.

See Tickets have found e-days support team particularly impressive, noting that any questions are issues tend to be resolved within a couple of minutes of getting in touch.

e-days also successfully integrated See Tickets system with their employees Outlook calendar, to improve visibility and place accountability with individual employees when it comes to keeping track of their holiday allowance and upcoming absences.

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