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Silverton Aggregates are a large building and landscaping materials supplier, based in East Anglia. Founded in 1996, Silverton has evolved from a sand and gravel merchant to a fully-fledged builders’ merchants. Silverton was using manually updating a spreadsheet to manage their absences. The spreadsheet had numerous issues, with many staff booking more holidays than they had.

Silverton required a system that would allow their employees to book holiday from anywhere at any time. HR were also wasting time with lots of requests around employee’s holiday allowance.

e-days was the preferred choice of absence management systems, providing Silverton with a modern, cloud-based, self-service platform. Staff felt empowered as they could finally book annual leave and check their entitlement whether in the office or out on sight.

e-days makes the entire absence management process more efficient

From booking holidays to keeping a check on allowances, e-days devolves responsibility from HR.

e-days self-service nature allows staff to take their own responsibility for holiday tracking, making the whole process easier for all involved.

IT Manager
Silverton Aggregates

The Challenge

Interestingly, e-days were approached by Silverton due to their IT Manager’s involvement with a previous company that used e-days. The IT Manager used to offer IT support to an organisation using e-days and felt it was the perfect tool for managing absence.

Silverton previously used a manual, paper and spreadsheet, based process. It allowed staff members to often overbook holiday, causing issues with payroll and leading to them having to reconcile entitlement used towards the end of the year, and in some cases try to recoup lost funds from staff who had an overbooked holiday.

The Solution

One of the main drivers for sourcing a new absence management solution was the need to be able to book absences from anywhere at any time, due to the out of office nature of Silverton’s work.

Silverton also had a problem whereby towards the end of the year, HR would be inundated with requests around how much holiday allowance individual members of staff had remaining, leading to a real loss of productivity and unnecessarily increased workload.

e-days implementation meant holiday allowances where visible to every employee all year round, eliminating the need to ask HR for an update on allowance remaining.

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The Impact

Silverton has made their entire absence management process more efficient by switching from labor-intensive manual paper and spreadsheet processes to a more modern, cloud-based, self-service approach.

Staff now feel empowered and can track and request their own holiday, whether they’re in the office or considering booking a holiday straight after dropping off a large amount of building supplies!

With staff now able to track their own allowances, and also unable to overbook holidays, unnecessary workload and pressure on both Payroll and HR have reduced, allowing those departments to focus on business-critical tasks.

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