• Entitlement calculation
  • Holiday booking
  • Sickness tracking
  • Return-to-work tools
  • Outlook integration
  • Team calendars
  • Single-sign-on
  • HRIS integration
  • Multi-language interface

The Challenge

Syngenta AG is a world leader in crop protection. It has more than 25,000 employees across the world and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Syngenta’s APAC division approached e-days by way of a formal leave management tender for Asia Pacific sites.

Syngenta was using manual processes for maintaining leave records and entitlements. As a result, HR was spending a great deal of time processing leave records and updating employee leave balances. There was no real-time data on employee leave and the process for requests and approvals was very slow. There were also issues with data accuracy – with missing and duplicate leave forms being submitted.

In addition, the country-specific rules for leave entitlement accruals were not always being followed correctly, creating an unknown financial liability. Syngenta wanted a centralised leave solution to eliminate these issues.

The Solution

e-days were awarded the tender and the rollout was initially completed across India, Philippines, Korea, and Singapore. The e-days team worked with Syngenta to ensure country-specific templates were created within e-days to match the legislative requirements in each country. This involved detailed mapping of all country rules including Singapore’s specific entitlement accruals for employees with children.

An interface connection was established between e-days and Syngenta’s HR System, to ensure consistency between systems for company departmental structures, users, reporting lines and groupings. Employees were also provided with Single-Sign-on access, and HR / Payroll teams were provided with detailed absence data reporting.

The Impact

A standardised and compliant approach for leave entitlement and leave tracking was quickly established for all APAC employees. Employees and managers provided positive feedback on how easy e-days is to use, with their leave dashboards accessible from anywhere.

HR/Payroll teams immediately benefitted from statutory reporting by location, with a new confidence level as to the accuracy of the absence data. All the efficiency problems associated with the previous manual leave management processes were completely removed and Syngenta continued their e-days rollout across other APAC countries.

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