• Entitlement calculation
  • Holiday booking
  • Reporting
  • Team calendars
  • Minimum staffing levels
  • Notifications
  • Self Service ability

The Challenge

The Vaillant Group is an international family-owned company with a heritage of more than 141 years in providing customers with energy-saving solutions for heating, cooling, and hot water, the company is the second-largest European manufacturer in this sector.

Vaillant came to e-days looking for a system that would make their current process much more efficient, improving the speed, ease, and accuracy of recording absences. The previous process of texting or phoning in a request lead to the lengthy lookup of other holidays around the same time, to ensure no minimum staffing levels were being hit.

Mistakes were made when existing holidays were overlooked, or text requests were missed due to busy authorisers. The same process was in place for sickness reporting, and both planned and unplanned absence still had to be logged on the company intranet once the lengthy call, text and email process of approval had concluded.

e-days has made the job of managing absence easier.

It has cut down on time spent looking to see if holidays are allowed & reduced the number of emails having to be sent to advise employees as to whether a holiday has been approved or not.

The initial set-up was easy to understand & work with.

Divisional Service Manager
Vaillant Boilers

The Solution

Due to the number of employees at Vaillant, it was critical that holidays & sickness can be logged accurately so as not to leave any areas understaffed. To cope with this, e-days was able to provide automated minimum staffing level triggers.

These triggers can be put in place so that a holiday request is automatically rejected by the system if too many staff were already on holiday within a particular department, all without any admin input.

These triggers completely eradicate the need to double and triple-check multiple team members’ calendars, greatly reducing admin strain. The triggers are also easy to override for authorisers, so that, as an exception, a manager can allow extra members of a team to be off at the same time.

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The Impact

e-days have been able to significantly reduce the amount of admin time that was previously taken up by logging planned and unplanned absences.

The number of missed absence requests and un-logged planned and unplanned absences has also been cut due to e-days notification processes ensuring all authorisers are aware of outstanding requests within the e-days system.

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