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W McClure Ltd is a family-run food wholesaler that delivers fresh, ambient and frozen foods to the catering industry. They first implemented e-days to replace an absence management solution that was not user-friendly and inflexible to their needs.

By using e-days, W McClure Ltd can now conveniently check and obtain absence data through one screen and offer expert medical advice to ill employees at the click of a button. Since implementation, their workforce has been highly engaged with the platform, offering extremely positive feedback.

e-days is a great system that is easy to use and understand when it comes to logging sickness and booking holiday. It provides us with all the absence information we need through one screen and the system can offer expert medical advice to ill employees at the click of a button.

Mathias Grosse, HR Officer
W McClure Ltd

The Challenge

Over the years W McClure Ltd has worked to develop engaging and streamlined absence management processes for their workforce, embracing the fact that it’s vital for any business.

Initially, W McClure Ltd used a spreadsheet-based system which required the work of several employees to maintain. Even with so many people maintaining these sheets, it was still open to error as incorrect values could be input and paper holiday request forms would go missing.

After acknowledging that this manual system was hindering their business, W McClure Ltd took a step forward and implemented an HR system to address these issues. They looked at a few options including e-days but first opted to go with another vendor.

However, upon further inspection, they found that the system they selected was not very user-friendly and that their workforce was not fully engaging with it. Employees found it hard to navigate and the quality of absence information it provided to HR was not very good or easy to understand.

The Solution

To face these challenges head-on, W McClure Ltd decided to come back to e-days and work on a project to improve their absence management processes. The project had two main drivers.

The first driver was to implement a solution that managers, employees and HR were all fully engaged with due to its ease of use.

The second was to introduce a solution where all absence information/data could be collated and reported on conveniently through one dashboard.

The Results

Since the e-days system has been implemented, W McClure Ltd has received great feedback from its workforce, with managers and employees feeling fully engaged with the system. The HR team can now easily access all the absence information they need, all through one screen.

W McClure Ltd has also been impressed by e-days NHS wellbeing module, citing it as a great benefit to their workforce. To add to this, they have made recommendations to the module that were implemented system-wide within minutes of receiving their feedback, a glowing testament to e-days amazing response time and willingness to adapt to the needs of their customers.

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