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    The State of Absence Report 2023

    The State of Absence Report

    What is the current state of workplace absence, and what can organisations do to address it?

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    case study

    BNP Paribas: Elevating the employee experience with self-service

    BNP first approached edays after they acquired Fortis, an asset management group. This new part of the business needed a user-friendly system to book holidays and log sickness on.

    How edays transformed the way we approach absence.

    Single Sign On

    Reporting & intelligence

    Supported company growth

    Auto leave calculations

    edays provide a quick and reliable system. It’s not too complicated and it gives employees single sign-on access and we don’t have difficulties with the system ever being down. The back end, administrator panel, within the system is very efficient too, on top of this reporting is made very easy, especially for our two-week holiday policy.

    edays employee dashboard feature


    BNP Paribas is the largest bank in the eurozone and one of the ten largest financial institutions in the world. BNP first approached edays after they acquired Fortis, an asset management group. This new part of the business needed a user-friendly system to book holidays and log sickness on.

    Since implementing edays 10 years ago, BNP Paribas has benefitted from one-click holiday submission approval and a feature-rich reporting tool that helps them enforce their absence policy.

    Shared calendar illustration

    The Challenge

    BNP approached edays in 2008, after their acquisition of former Belgian asset management group Fortis. They needed a tool for absence management that was both user-friendly and easy to monitor, allowing employees to log their own holiday and sickness requests when required.

    For financial institutions and BNP Paribas in particular, particular importance is placed on employee wellbeing due to the stressful nature of work undertaken. With that in mind, BNP Paribas needed a system that was able to process the two-week consecutive leave requirement the organization places on employees.

    edays Time Submission feature

    The Solution

    With all of BNP Paribas requirements in mind, edays fit well with its ability to be flexible with each individual organizations’ requirements, and also its ease of use for the end-user.

    As edays had previously experienced with Financial and Legal organizations, the wellbeing angle of the two-week consecutive holiday was particularly important.

    To aid BNP Paribas in implementing this organization-wide procedure, edays was able to produce scheduled reports that outlined employees who had not taken their two-week consecutive leave. This enabled HR to easily see who needed to be reminded of this policy and eliminated trawling through months of paper-based data.

    manage paid time off

    The Impact

    edays have been able to tick all the boxes for BNP Paribas, as is particularly evident from their loyalty to being a customer for over ten years. The system is user-friendly and easy for both staff and administrators to manage.

    Through the use of the edays in-depth scheduled reporting tools, the software was able to provide a way of quickly and efficiently managing the employee wellbeing aspect of standardized, mandatory two-week consecutive holiday breaks, a feature transferable to many organizations within the Financial and Legal sectors.