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case study

Bruichladdich: Transitioning to cloud-based absence management

Before edays, they were using an outdated and time-consuming paper and spreadsheet processes to manage absences.

How edays transformed the way we approach absence.

Save time & admin

Full workforce visibility

Reporting & intelligence

Auto leave calculations

edays have a super reactive support team and the application is frequently updated based on customer experience. The initial set-up was pretty smooth thanks to bulk uploads. I’m still a client because the software is reliable, and our business is happy with it so far.

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Bruichladdich is a whiskey distillery based on the Isle of Islay and is the only major distiller on its island of origin. Before edays, they were using outdated and time-consuming paper and spreadsheet processes to manage absences.

Bruichladdich now manages its absence processes through our cloud-based absence management system. Significantly reducing their absence process admin time and empowering employees to take responsibility for their own absence.

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The Challenge

The Bruichladdich distillery, as is often the case with new clients, approached edays to help them replace their outdated and time-consuming paper and spreadsheet processes for absence management.

The understanding within the organization was that unless people were well clued up on the inner workings of Excel spreadsheets, combined with a strong memory, mistakes would continue to be made unless a new system was implemented.

edays employee dashboard feature

The Solution

As mentioned, the main reasoning for switching to a cloud-based absence management system for Bruichladdich stemmed from wanting to ensure absences were as accurately recorded as possible.

When it came to searching for a solution, Bruichladdich felt that edays ticked all the boxes they were looking for, including the ability to use custom planned and unplanned absence types, necessary for an organization such as a distillery with its varied workforce.

Bruichladdich was most impressed by the fact edays was so easy to set up and use, their main need was onboarding software that made making the switch as easy as possible, even for those not overly used to using technology for workforce management.

Sickness tracking

The Impact

Bruichladdich’s absence management processes are now fully cloud-based and infinitely more efficient as a result.

All Bruichladdich’s requirements, such as custom holiday and sickness types, have been met by edays. They’ve also made use of our frequently updated system features and reactive support team when needed.

As Bruichladdich continues to expand and grow their workforce, edays grows with them, with an agile system able to cope with the uploading of new staff at one time to the edays system.

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