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case study

Dentons: Driving wellbeing with better absence management

With a rapidly expanding business, Dentons was using a paper-based system and required a solution that would make managing employee holidays easy.

How edays transformed the way we approach absence.

Full workforce visibility

Supported wellbeing

Saved time & admin

Auto leave calculations

The data-driven evidence edays gives us will lead to more nuanced decision making aimed at supporting our employees’ health and wellbeing and improve their overall experience of working for the firm.

edays group calendar feature


Dentons is the world’s largest law firm by employee size and has 6 offices in the UK. With a rapidly expanding business, Dentons was using a paper-based system and required a solution that would make managing employee holidays easy.

Once edays was implemented Dentons quickly saw the benefits of the system that went far beyond holiday booking. They are now using edays to log overtime, track sickness and log unplanned absences, support people through their illness, as well as numerous other features.

Overtime illustration

The Challenge

Denton’s UK HR Department initially approached edays with specific goals for managing planned absence at a time when the firm was expanding, making their existing paper-based system unmanageable.

Part of the challenge involved addressing the limited visibility within existing absence processes, leading to increasing difficulty monitoring whether staff was taking all their leave entitlement. Managers across all areas also needed to have a snapshot of who was expected to be available to deliver workloads at any one time and when left for others could be sanctioned.

In terms of recruitment and engagement, Dentons was mindful of the changing needs and expectations of the highly mobile, highly connected workforce of today and wanted to make such processes streamlined, modern and accessible for its staff.

edays employee dashboard feature

The Solution

edays onboarded all Dentons’ UK staff in 2016 via a Data Upload process with the new user-friendly leave-booking system promoted alongside the company’s many other flexible benefits. One such benefit for staff turned out to be the ability to buy and sell holidays using the system, which proved popular.

Dentons and edays collaborated throughout the project to decide how to package and configure the system to optimize ease of use for staff and to meet a number of the firm’s specific management needs associated with leave management.

absence and leave reporting

The Impact

A wide variety of positive impacts have already been achieved and are being evaluated alongside the use of the system to further strengthen Dentons’ welfare at work focus, attractiveness as an employer, and overall efficiency. Better data access and visualization are giving a clearer picture of absence-related patterns and trends, enabling identification of what appears to be working well and where new or different interventions may be needed.