Education Alliance: Becoming paperless to reduce absence admin.

Education Alliance contacted Edays to transition away from an information system they had adapted to record instances of absence, which had very limited reporting functionality.

How Edays transformed the way we approach absence.

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The implementation went very smoothly because of the set-up process in place. Right from the very first demo the HR team to the dedicated support of our project manager Sophie, who was excellent. Thanks to Edays we now have a paperless absence booking system which is easy to use.

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The Education Alliance is a multi-Academy Trust based in Hull, made up of a number of schools across the area. They first contacted Edays to transition away from the student information system they had adapted to record instances of absence, it has very limited reporting functionality and lacked depth overall.

Since rolling out Edays, The Education Alliance had commented on our system’s ease of use and flexibility when meeting their requirements, removing the paper-based processes that came with the adapted student information system they were previously using.

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The Challenge

The Education Alliance as with many education sector organizations were using an adapted version of SIMS, the student information system, to log their staff absences. Whilst this served a purpose, it had very limited reporting functions and lacked the ability to be agile with absence procedures.

The Education Alliance wanted a solution that kept all absence information in one place. And that could be accessible on a self-service basis, reducing the burden on admin teams within the organization. For the education sector, in particular, it’s very important that tight control is placed on managing attendance, as the cost of supply is very high and eats into tight staffing budgets.

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The Solution

At the Education Alliance, it was most important to provide a solution that was simple and easy to use, due to the fact many staff within the organization had never used a computer or smartphone before.

The Education Alliance also liked Edays customizable nature, and the ability to brand the system in their own colours, which helped with integrating the new system to current staff who found the look and feel familiar with other systems in use.

As mentioned above, budgets are tight and value for money is vital for education organizations, Education Alliance felt that Edays presented the best value for money when taking all aspects of the software into account against other systems under consideration.

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The Results

The Education Alliance was pleased with how smoothly the implementation process went, particularly commenting on the structured setup process Edays had in place that made the whole process from demo to launch seamless.

Most importantly, the overall goal of implementing a paperless absence booking had been achieved with minimum impact on business processes during the implementation phase.

Switching from paper-based absence management has significantly cut down on valuable resources being used up administrating requests.

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