ENSEK: Thriving with online absence management

ENSEK replaced the complex system of paper and spreadsheets they were previously using with one secure centralized absence management platform.

How Edays transformed the way we approach absence.

Supported wellbeing

Saved time & admin

Full workforce visibility

Auto leave calculations

Setting up Edays was really simple; it was literally just a simple spreadsheet with employee details and email addresses. We sent it off to Edays and this magic system appeared at the end of it that was easy to use. Staff were really engaged with the system; they saw the benefit of it in the ease of use as well coming from a technology company they liked the technology aspect of it as well.

Laura Handley, Head of HR – ENSEK
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In 2010, ENSEK set out to create an end-to-end SaaS platform for energy suppliers. They did this with the ambition to remove complexity within the market and allow new and established suppliers to challenge the status quo and provide more choice to customers. ENSEK implemented the Edays absence management solution to improve HR data security and improve the employee experience.

By using Edays, ENSEK replaced the complex system of paper and spreadsheets they were previously using with one secure centralized absence management platform, allowing them to relax knowing their sensitive data was in safe hands. ENSEK employees could also better plan their holidays around one another due to the increased visibility their team calendars provided.

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The Challenge

Since they started, their team has grown to over 140 strong and they enable 25 energy suppliers and millions of their customers to change the industry for the better.

Historically they tracked employee absence and holidays via spreadsheets but found that keeping hard copies of the data ran the risk of getting lost around the office. This led them to look for a new system that would ensure employee data was held securely, as well as making it easier for employees to request holidays and record absence.

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The Solution

ENSEK had four major requirements for their new system. They required a solution that made booking holidays and absence easy for employees, as well as managing these holiday requests from a manager’s perspective.

Their second requirement was to improve the visibility of individual team holidays and days in which team members were working from home or on the road.

The final two areas for ENSEK were for the new system to improve tracking and management of TOIL, giving the employee an easy view of how many were earned, along with improving employee wellbeing.

Easier holiday and absence booking was made available to employees from day one, and visibility of who was in and out of the office was improved, all through a secure online system.

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The Results

Edays produced immediate results from when it was implemented. Employees at ENSEK really engaged with the system, quoting its ease of use which they appreciated as a technology company. They could better schedule their holidays due to the increased visibility their team calendar provided, allowing them to better plan their holidays around each other.

It also has helped ENSEK increase the wellbeing of its employees by allowing managers to check if their staff was taking their holidays and highlighting any absence trends that they could help employees address.

Edays enabled ENSEK to take their absence management processes to the next level, improving the speed at which HR and admin tasks are undertaken and empowering employees to take control of their time off. We look forward to working with them in the future!

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