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case study

Informa: Deploying a global solution to solve complex local compliance

Informa is a leading international event, intelligence, and scholarly research group first formed in 1998. Prior to edays, Informa was struggling to manage employee absences due to the complex structure of their business.

How edays transformed the way we approach absence.

Global deployment

Full workforce visibility

HRIS integration

Auto leave calculations

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edays provided Informa with a bespoke solution that catered for their complex organizational structure. The solution was easy to use and integrated directly with their core HRIS, SAP. edays and Informa now enjoy a great partnership with Informa now acting as a reference point for enterprise businesses looking to use edays.

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The Challenge

Over the years their business has grown through various acquisitions to be in the industry-leading position it’s in today. To support this growth, they have gradually increased their headcount to over 5,000 employees around the world, making them one of the largest events businesses in the world.

Prior to edays, Informa was managing their absence processes in a variety of ways, but none could meet their robust requirements. This was due to Informa’s very complex organisation structure, consisting of multiple legal entities across different countries with many different employment contracts due to acquisitions.

As a result of the organisation complexity and multiple employment contracts, different Informa employees had different holiday allowances and absence rules. Making it extremely hard to manage manually. On top of this, the system was required to have seamless integration with their core HRIS, SAP.

This resulted in Informa adopting various HR systems, each of which was ultimately unable to meet expectations and delivered an overall unsatisfactory experience for management and employees.

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The Solution

As a result of these bad experiences, Informa chose to approach edays through a formal request for proposal (RFP) containing a long list of localized requirements for different countries. The RFP also contained key focus areas on ease of use, flexible configuration, and integration with SAP.

The overall aim of the project was to implement a global absence management system that could cater to their complex organizational structure, whilst delivering a seamless HRIS integration.

After various meetings, Informa recognized edays as the best fit for their bespoke requirements, and the system was rolled out to all Informa’s 5,000 employees at once. As a result, edays successfully implemented a tailored global absence management system within 4 months, astonishingly quickly.

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The Impact

edays and Informa now enjoy a great partnership, stemming from the excellent project management from both parties, ensuring a smooth implementation process.

Ultimately, edays provided Informa with an easy-to-use global absence management system with seamless integration with SAP. The impact was so positive, Informa has acted as a reference for edays when other enterprise organizations have approached us for a global absence management solution.

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