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case study

Lloyd Ltd: Completing the Absence Cycle

Before turning to the edays system to manage company absence, Lloyd Ltd relied on paper based forms that employees would fill out and share with their manager for approval.

How edays transformed the way we approach absence.

Saved time & admin

Reporting & intelligence

Full workforce visibility

Auto leave calculations

edays has transformed the way we monitor and manage absences, transforming the way we work.

Leah Naman, People Experience Partner – ASOS
edays employee dashboard feature

The Challenge

Lloyd Ltd employs over 260 people at seven different sites and provides its customers across the agricultural, construction, groundcare and materials handling sectors with quality new and used machinery from leading manufacturers, supported by expert parts and servicing across the North of England and the South of Scotland.

We spoke to Emily Sant, HR Manager at Lloyd Ltd, to understand the challenges she faced in the past and how technology is supporting her and the rest of the organisation since implementing edays’ solution.

Before turning to the edays system to manage company absence, the business relied on paper based forms that employees would fill out and share with their manager for approval. This meant there was no simple, company-wide visibility of absence for the HR department. Both holiday requests and return-to-work interviews were recorded this way, and, when it came to sickness, the business found that not all sickness was being accounted for. This is because these forms were easy to forget about and were either not completed or not submitted.

With the business spread out over seven different sites across the North of England and South of Scotland, the business relied on the individual locations to carry out absence processes. However, without a central form of communication, inaccuracies were common, and absence missed.

Collaboration illustration

The Solution

edays started working with the Lloyd Ltd team in 2020 and has helped the team move from their outdated processes such as paper-forms to an online easy-to-use platform. 

When the team first got started, Emily commented that the onboarding process was incredibly simple and required little effort from their side. The Lloyd Ltd team was simply required to complete a spreadsheet, and with the edays team on hand to answer any questions, the process was easy to complete. 

Since the implementation, Emily has noticed that the edays system allows for easy and intuitive reporting. Previously this had been difficult due to manual and paper-based processes. Now that employees have better visibility of their own allowance as well as their colleagues, they can see when team members are out on leave, which makes requesting their own annual leave far easier to manage. On top of this, the team are able to record payroll through the same system as well as return to work forms, which completes the absence cycle for the business ensuring that not only is absence tracked, but pay is accounted for in terms of holiday and sickness, and internal processes such as interviews on return to the office can happen.

people insights hero

The Impact

The result has meant a more streamlined absence process for Lloyd Ltd, with everything from holiday, to payroll accounted for under one easy-to-use system. The biggest change noticed internally has been increased visibility for employees, as it has enabled better communication across all seven sites. The edays system allows for a clearer view of absence across the business. 

On top of this, by giving teams access to an online system, they are able to take more responsibility for their own time off. This empowers individuals to make the decision if they need a break, or just some time to relax. They can simply log into their account and request a day or two off. Offering staff this type of tool is a simple but effective way of ensuring that everyone is able to take time off as and when they need it. 

Finally, Emily has enjoyed the ability to integrate payroll into their absence recording. Both absence and payroll are closely intertwined, and now that Lloyd Ltd has visibility across both they can ensure not only that teams are taking the right amount of holiday that they have been allocated, but that in turn they are being paid accurately and that the business is on top of its finances.