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Case study

Sano Physiotherapy: Restoring confidence in absence data for essential reporting

Due to rapid business growth, Sano had outgrown their existing absence system of paper and spreadsheets, making it unmanageable.

How edays transformed the way we approach absence.

Reporting & intelligence

Saved time & admin

Supported company growth

Full workforce visibility

Gone are the paper forms, inaccurate reporting, and confusing hours spent rummaging through half dog-eaten paper trails. We now have an accessible, single-point-of-truth for all of our absences across the company. Managers can administer and oversee/audit absence much more thoroughly and responsively.

edays reporting feature


Sano Physiotherapy offers professional physiotherapy, sports massage, and sports injury rehabilitation services throughout clinics in the Midlands, Yorkshire, the North East, and Teesside. Due to rapid business growth, Sano had outgrown their existing absence system of paper and spreadsheets, making it unmanageable.

edays enabled Sano Physiotherapy to ditch the paper and spreadsheets and increase confidence in the absence data they were obtaining.

Collaboration illustration

The Challenge

Prior to making the move to edays Sano Physiotherapy was using a paper-based absence management system, backed up by excel spreadsheets. With the exponential growth of the company (growing by nearly 300% in 2018) Sano quickly outgrew its manual process and needed something more flexible, responsive, and immutable.

As a provider of high-quality healthcare solutions to a number of large corporate clients, solicitors, and private clients it was important for Sano to manage their absence in real-time in order to ensure continuity of service and care.

edays time submission feature

The Solution

Sano’s customers rely on them to resolve symptoms or ensure the health of a workforce, inaccurate absence management at Sano can cost HR departments and line managers and prolong patients’ symptoms unnecessarily.

With that in mind, Sano chose to implement edays to replace its manual process and provide a more visible way of managing absence.

Sano stated that “The clear UI, scalable structure, concise reporting, and completeness of the package along with its mobile integration and understanding of company structures made edays stand out from the competition. The price was right, and the system was perfect for our requirements.”

Absence management software

The Impact

Implementing edays has allowed Sano to ditch its manual paper-based process, freeing up time for all members of its organization, from HR all the way through to the physiotherapists themselves.

To borrow a phrase from Sano’s operations manager ‘no more rummaging through half dog-eaten paper trails.’

Moving away from a manual process has increased traceability, accountability, security, and most importantly the accuracy of who is off and when meaning Sano can confidently plan their time and take on work accordingly and based on up-to-date resource planning.

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