Holiday & Sickness Management System for the Automotive Industry

Track employee holidays, reduce absenteeism and improve employee wellbeing through one system

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Our online absence management platform is the perfect tool to help automotive businesses track employee absence whether it is sickness, holidays, or workplace injuries. Businesses can easily report on bespoke absence types and with our integration to the NHS, managers can proactively seek out healthcare advice and help unwell employees.

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Track Sickness

Help reduce sickness by reporting on absence days through our comprehensive reporting dashboard

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Employee Wellbeing

Get expert healthcare advice and help employees to overcome illness with our direct integration into the NHS

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Group Calendar

Increased visibility for managers as to whether a team member is off sick, on holiday, or just working from home

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Secure Platform

Our platform is fully GDPR compliant and hosted on Microsoft’s industry-leading Azure Cloud platform

Reduce the cost of employee absence

With over £77 Billion in turnover and more than 850,000 people being employed in the automotive industry in just the UK alone, every day hundreds of employees are being forced to stay at home due to sickness or injury, costing automotive businesses thousands of pounds.

We understand the pressure that modern automotive companies are under to efficiently monitor absence and ensure employee wellbeing is being well addressed. Implementing a system that can accurately and easily track employee absences, report on different absence types, calculate the cost to the business, as well as aid employee wellbeing, is vital for businesses.

Our online absence management system offers the best of all these aspects, with enhanced reporting features and integration into the NHS, both tracking and managing employee absence is easy.

We have helped over 1,500 businesses worldwide manage their absences more efficiently. With in-depth reporting and an easy-to-use online platform, e-days helps you to better understand all absences in your business and how you can manage them better.

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“Great way to manage holidays, sickness and leave. Easy to use and great support when needed”

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