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Charity and non-profit

Enabling non-profits and charities to better manage and understand employee absence.

Drive engagement with online holiday booking

Managing employee holidays made easy and adaptable to complicated working patterns, as well as overtime and TOIL.

Start understanding employee sickness and take action

Help reduce and understand sickness absence with a comprehensive reporting dashboard and alerts.

Self-service platform to drive productivity and visibility

Access Edays anytime and anywhere in the world through our mobile platform. No additional software to install or hardware upgrades required.

Outstanding technology & processes to safeguard employee data

Security is our no. 1 priority. Our cloud-based platform is fully GDPR compliant and hosted on Microsoft’s industry-leading Azure platform.

absence management calendar

World-class absence and leave tracking for charities and non-profit organisations

Our cloud-based absence platform is perfect for non-profits and charities to comprehensively manage employee absences. Managing absences across multiple locations and teams becomes much more simple, freeing the admin burden on HR managers. With Edays, employees are able to book time off in a matter of seconds, creating an incredibly simplified experience.

Collaboration illustration

A platform that makes the complexities of absence, simple

We understand that employees of non-profit and charity organisations of all sizes need to be able to book time off whenever and wherever they are. While HR needs to be able to manage and track absences from a centralised location without error-prone methods such as paper forms and spreadsheets.

At Edays, we believe in creating a positive experience for both employees and HR with our world-class platform.

We have helped over 1,500 organisations around the world manage absence better than ever before. With our onboard reporting tools, our platform helps you to better understand absence to make a significant impact on your non-profit or charity organisation – whether it’s boosting productivity or helping you to champion employee wellbeing.