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Mental health issues on the rise in the financial sector

With mental health being one of the fastest growing reasons for absences in the UK, seeing an increase of 71.9% since 2011, employee wellbeing should be a top priority for all businesses, especially those in the financial sector. The financial sector has an extremely high level of poor mental health, with research from HR consultancy AdviserPlus showing that 34% of all absences in this industry are due to mental illness.

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Track Sickness

Help reduce sickness by reporting on absence days through our comprehensive reporting dashboard

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Employee Wellbeing

Get expert healthcare advice and help employees to overcome illness with our direct integration into the NHS

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Group Calendar

Increased visibility for managers as to whether a team member is off sick, on holiday, or just working from home

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Secure Platform

Our platform is fully GDPR compliant and hosted on Microsoft’s industry-leading Azure Cloud platform

Help employees and reduce the cost of unplanned absences

Whether it’s physical or mental health, unplanned absences can cost your business thousands every year. Making it vital that your business has the capacity to track and manage unplanned absence.

To help tackle unplanned absence, we have a direct integration into the NHS that provides employees with expert health & wellbeing advice. This integration allows employees and managers to easily find healthcare information about illnesses, with advice on how to manage and improve it.

e-days absence management system provides multiple benefits for the whole business. Through our multifaceted system, HR can have a better understanding of employee absences, managers can proactively seek out healthcare advice and employees are able to easily book time off to help ease the stress.

We have provided over 1,500 businesses worldwide with a system that not only makes managing absences easy but helps them look after their employees better.

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“e-days provides a quick and reliable system – it’s not too complicated, allows employees single sign-on access and we don’t have difficulties with the system ever being down.”

HR Analyst, BNP Paribas

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