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Manage employee holidays and help to reduce absenteeism through a single self-service system.

Drive engagement with online holiday booking

Increase your ability to manage holidays in line with complicated working patterns, as well as allocating overtime and TOIL.

Start understanding employee sickness and take action

Help reduce sickness by reporting on absence reasons through our comprehensive reporting dashboard.

Accessible group calendars for greater visibility

Increased visibility for managers as to whether a team member is off sick, on holiday, or just working from home.

Outstanding technology & processes to safeguard employee data

Our platform is fully GDPR compliant and hosted on Microsoft’s industry-leading Azure cloud platform.

Sano Physiotherapy: Restoring confidence in absence data for essential reporting

Gone are the paper forms, inaccurate reporting, and confusing hours spent rummaging through half dog-eaten paper trails. We now have an accessible, single-point-of-truth for all of our absences across the company. Managers can administer and oversee/audit absence much more thoroughly and responsively.

holiday and leave software

Increase employee wellbeing and decrease unplanned absences

Whether it is a physical injury, a common cold, or a mental health-related illness, unplanned absences cost businesses thousands of pounds every year. Being able to easily track unplanned absences and help unwell employees, should be a top priority for all healthcare providers.

HR can use our enhanced reporting dashboard to easily report on numerous unplanned absences. With the ability to create bespoke reports, they can get a real insight into the reasons why their workforce is absent, meaning they can step in and help employees if they do see any trends.

Along with this, we are the only absence management system with a direct integration with the NHS that provides employees with expert health & wellbeing advice. This integration allows employees and managers to easily find healthcare information about illnesses, with advice on how to manage and improve it.

We have helped more than 1,500 businesses across the globe manage holidays and track unplanned absences easily. With enhanced reporting, overtime and TOIL tracking, HR document storage and much more, our system can help you with all aspects of human resource management.

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Managing employee absence has never been easier

Our online absence management system makes booking and managing employee holidays quick and easy. With our self-service platform employees can log into their account and book a holiday whenever and wherever they like. Managers can check their teams’ calendars before approving or rejecting the request.