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Higher Education

Providing schools, universities, and all education authorities with a better absence management process.

Self-service platform to drive productivity and visibility

Empower your employees and give them complete control of booking and managing their holidays.

Drive productivity with smart, online overtime & TOIL tracking

Increase your ability to manage holidays in line with complicated working patterns, as well as allocating overtime and TOIL.

Accessible group calendars for greater visibility

Increased visibility for managers as to whether a team member is off sick, on holiday, or just working from home.

Outstanding technology & processes to safeguard employee data

Our platform is fully GDPR compliant and hosted on Microsoft’s industry-leading Azure cloud platform.

University of Nottingham: Waving goodbye to paper and spreadsheets

edays has made annual leave and TOIL management significantly easier for both team members and managers. It’s flexible enough to allow for hourly or daily recording of leave, which is ideal for our departments. It has replaced a number of separate and inconsistent team spreadsheets stored on shared drives, resulting in a central, consistent and manageable leave and absence system.

Shared calendar illustration

A multi-purpose absence platform for higher education

Our system enables employees to book annual leave, record overtime, clock in and out of work and so much more. Making it a perfect fit for the education sector. Edays absence management system can be built to the specific requirements of any business, making tracking, booking, and managing employee absences easy.

annual leave software

Reduce holiday and absence-related admin

With many higher education businesses mainly focusing on their students, those who work behind the scenes tend to be forgotten. One of the major issues we have seen in the higher education sector is around manual absence management processes, with HR not having clear visibility of holidays and sickness across the whole organisation.


This was one of the major issues that the University of Nottingham had prior to Edays, with their old system having a slow holiday booking process and limited visibility of a team’s holidays.


Our self-service platform empowers employees to take responsibility for their own absence with the ability to book time off anytime, anywhere.


Thousands of businesses around the globe use Edays to track and manage absences better. With enhanced reporting feature and a self-service platform, Edays reduces the administrative burden on HR and puts the power of booking holidays in the hands of employees.

Higher education making absence matter with Edays.

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