Legal services.

Our online absence management system helps companies in the legal sector track staff holidays and gain valuable insights into employee wellbeing.

Start understanding employee sickness and take action.

Help reduce sickness by reporting on absence days through our comprehensive reporting dashboard.

Integrate seamlessly with your existing HR ecosystem.

Seamlessly integrations with HRIS, time & attendance, ERP, and payroll systems such as PeopleSoft, SAP, and Oracle.

Managing people's absence experience, better.

Get expert healthcare advice and help employees to overcome illness with our direct integration into the NHS (UK customers only).

Outstanding technology & processes to safeguard employee data.

Our platform is fully GDPR compliant and hosted on Microsoft’s industry-leading Azure cloud platform.

Dentons: Driving wellbeing with better absence management.

The data-driven evidence Edays gives us will lead to more nuanced decision making aimed at supporting our employees’ health and wellbeing and improve their overall experience of working for the firm.

leave management system

An absence system built around your needs.

Our online platform can be built around your requirements, meaning any holiday policies, working patterns, or industry-specific rules can be built into the system. This makes it perfect for legal firms who want to encourage employees to take a regular holiday or those that need to set multiple or different authorizers frequently. These and many other requirements can be built into your system.

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Supporting mental health

A centralized absence solution for legal service employees.

Legal professionals work on average 10.2 hours unpaid overtime a week, putting them in the top three occupations for unpaid overtime. On top of this, many don’t take their full allocation of annual leave. The combination of extended working hours and not taking a break can cause employees to become stressed and unwell, negatively impacting employee wellbeing and increasing unplanned absences that ultimately cost the business.

Having an overview on unplanned absence and holiday entitlement can be beneficial for any business, allowing them to easily identify stressed and unwell employees.

With our enhanced reporting feature, HR managers can create bespoke reports on sickness and holidays, allowing them to step in and request employees to take a day off. We also have an integration into the NHS, that allows employees to easily seek out professional healthcare advice on stress or other illnesses, helping them to get back to work quicker.

With over 1,500 businesses already using Edays to manage absences, track overtime & TOIL, and to aid employee wellbeing, we truly have a system for any business.

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Legal services making absence matter with Edays.

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