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Track holidays, reduce absenteeism and increase employee wellbeing through a single system

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A solution for tech savvy media and telecom companies

Media and telecom businesses are at the forefront of technology, providing new and improved technology to their customers. So why are so many still not offering similar technology to their employees? Many of these businesses are still using paper, spreadsheets and other inefficient systems to track employee absence. These kinds of methods are slow, filled with errors and in today’s modern world, are not something that employees enjoy interacting with.

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Empower your employees and give them complete control over booking and managing their holidays

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Employee Wellbeing

Get expert healthcare advice and help employees to overcome illness with our direct integration into the NHS

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Access your e-days platform anytime and anywhere in the world through our mobile platform

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Secure Platform

Our platform is fully GDPR compliant and hosted on Microsoft’s industry-leading Azure Cloud platform

Provide employees with the tools they need to book leave in seconds

Why should it take an employee an hour to book a day off or spend ages filling out a return to work form? Not only do employees need the right tools to do their job, but they also need the right tools to ensure they aren’t wasting time on tasks that don’t add value to your organisation.

Providing employees with a system that allows them to book annual leave, check their holiday entitlement, track overtime, clock in and out of work, and do so much more with ease, is vital to a happy and productive workforce.

e-days absence management solution provides multiple benefits to the whole business. HR can create bespoke absence reports, allowing them to better understand employee absence, managers can proactively seek out professional healthcare advice and provide this to employees, whilst employees can book time off in less than a minute.

We have already helped more than 1,500 businesses spread across 100+ countries to manage employee absence, increase productivity and improve employee wellbeing.

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“e-days has helped us to streamline and effectively monitor absences within the company. The support team is very helpful and quick to respond – to date we have been very impressed!”

Head of Compensation & Benefits, Sony Pictures Entertainment

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